31 Day Blog Challenge {Day 26}

Today is the day I go back to the dentist. Ooh, it would be so great if the pain would be gone. Of course I get to deal with a numb mouth all afternoon…gotta love that. 😉

Tomorrow is the day that I pick the winner(s) from my blog reveal dealywhop. If you missed it, go to this post and comment! Thinking I will have more than one winner because the company I ordered from sent me extra stuff! Woot!

Ok, so, let’s get back to business.  Today’s prompt in the 31 Day Blog Challenge is: What’s your favorite food?

Y’all that follow me on various social media sites may think the answer to this question would be cupcakes…ahhh, but that would not be so!

It’s brownies!!  😀  Nom nom!  Someone should start a whole brownie revolution. Instead of cupcake shops….brownie shops!  Right??  😀

I made these for Thanksgiving one year.. How could one possibly eat something so cute? Well, that’s easy, I don’t like candy corn. Once you pull those and the eyes off, it’s much easier.  😀


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3 Responses to 31 Day Blog Challenge {Day 26}

  1. Paula says:

    Ah brownies! I agree with you. I would be all over shopping at a brownie shop!

  2. Cristy S says:

    Those are very cute! I love making Turkey day treats like that. I love making brownies. I have been experimenting lately with Ghiradelli chocolate brownies. My husband is quite pleased.

  3. Laura says:

    Brownies are pure chocolate heaven. I adore them!

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