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In the past two years of homeschooling, we have done quite a variety of things.  We did touch on virtues a bit when we first started, mostly it was just a way of living.  We also used the Book of Virtues, but that was not a favorite with the kids.

I was so excited when I was asked to review the We Choose Virtues program!  They included so many different things!

The item that I looked at first was the Family Character Assessment paper.  This is free on their website! It is quite interesting, and a great place to start. You rate yourself, or those younger can have parents help, on a scale for the different virtues. You may want to start working with the one virtue where you are having the most trouble.  😉

We Choose Virtues Assessment

I had all three kids fill it out.  I am not sure if I agree with some of their opinions of themselves, but that’s ok. ha!  I then did an average of the three scores with each virtue, picked the one with the lowest score and we then worked on that one virtue for the week.

What was really cute were the flashcards. The artwork is very bright and eye catching and the wording is so thought out! For each virtue, the name of the cartoon child starts with that same letter. For example, for Obedient the name is Oboe Joe. That really helps the younger kids associate that the O matches in each one.  There is a little catch phrase on the back of each card that goes with each virtue, and it just rolls right off your tongue. Very easy for children to remember. Also on the back is a bible verse. You can order these cards in NIV, KJV or a secular version. We ordered the KJV but the bible they use is NIV. I wanted them to see the difference.  I also printed out the journal page that gives more bible verses and stories to go along with each virtue.

We Choose Virtues Flashcards

What we did for the week was, each day a different child would look up the bible verse on the back of the card and read it out loud. Then on Thursday, I would look at the journal paper and read the bible verse listed as well as the corresponding bible story.  We would leave the card that we were working on that week right out in the open.  There were a lot of jokes about how somebody wasn’t doing the right thing, or behaving the right way, etc…but they got it! 😉

My kids are older; 9, 11 and 13 so we only used the things I listed.  Included in my testing kit were: Kids of Virtue Coloring Pages,  A PDF of the Teachers Handbook, as well as a butterfly award for when you are done.

I was excited to hear that Heather from We Choose Virtues mentioned that she had an older kids version in the works!  It sounds like it will be a much better fit for our family, even though we did enjoy what was sent!  There is also a Spanish kit coming soon!

I know there are a variety of items listed on the website…and in talking with Heather, she listed her top three items as being the Flashcards ($14.99), the Virtue Clues ($5.50), and the Poster ($15).  I know it can be a little overwhelming if you aren’t sure what to get.

She did offer up some coupon codes as well!  If you were interested in a homeschool kit, she is extending the coupon code that is listed on her website until the end of April. That will give you 20% off the kit!  There won’t be another coupon like that again until the Black Friday deals!  Code = Home20

The other coupon is for 15% off your purchase..and guess what?  There is no expiration code on this one!  So, if you buy a couple things and realize you love it, you can use the code again for more! Code = Virtue15

Of course you can only use one code at a time…  😉

Make sure you check them out! We Choose Virtues

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5 Responses to We Choose Virtues

  1. Love your review!! And,what a great idea to average the virtue scores,and start with the lowest overall average.Brilliant!

  2. Nickida says:

    The kit was great for my kids but I am sure you will be looking out for the older kids version. It’s great that you were able to get use out of this kit.

  3. Crystal says:

    I really enjoyed your review. I agree with a previous poster – great idea to average the scores! I’m going to use this with my son now – hopefully by the time he’s ready for it the older kids version will be done!

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  5. Pingback: We Choose Virtues

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