31 Day Blog Challenge {Day 29}

So, I am down to only two vicodin left.  I am saving them for night time and just taking Advil this morning. Seems to be working! Yay! Hopefully tomorrow I will be much better off.  I want to eat some crunchy foods! 😀

So, today’s prompt in the 31 Day Blog Challenge is: What’s your favorite time of the year and why.

Well, coming from AZ, we never really had seasons. We had summer, which was about eight months of the year, and then not summer, which were the other four.  😉  We haven’t been in NC long enough to get all of the seasons.  I am curious as to what Spring has in store. It will be nice to see the trees in all of their glory again, I wonder how long that takes?  Summer…eh…I know that’s not a number one.  I might have to say Fall.  I know it isn’t fair to Spring, since I don’t know…but I like the anticipation of the holidays, the crunchy leaves, the break from the warm weather.  Yeah…I think it’s Fall.

Surprisingly, I didn’t get that many pictures of Fall this time around.  Ugh…I know.  So, I will have to use a pic that I already used, but that’s ok, right?  😉

Fall in a bubble

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3 Responses to 31 Day Blog Challenge {Day 29}

  1. Cristy S says:

    The picture is new to me. It’s beautiful. I am not a huge fan of summer. We get all 4 seasons but summer and winter last forever while spring and fall last about 3 weeks. Can’t wait to see some spring pictures.

  2. Paula says:

    That picture is awesome. I might need to move to AZ. My kind of weather

  3. Jenn says:

    Seasons? Living in Los Ageles I only know seasons by what they teach you in school! Haha

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