I love him, but..

I keep seeing advice on websites, magazines, blogs..  Make sure you say I LOVE YOU as much as you can to your husband.

Well, I don’t. I don’t say I love you when we hang up from talking to each other on the phone. I don’t say it before we go to sleep at night.

And before you think I am odd, he doesn’t tell me either.  He doesn’t tell me when I make him something that he likes for dinner. He doesn’t tell me when I rub his back after a hard days work in the yard.

But why, you might be asking…

Because we say it when it counts. When something strikes us and at that moment we want the person to know that they are loved. We don’t want to say it twenty times a day because then it just turns into words.  I have heard people in the middle of an argument, get off the phone with each other and still say they love the other person.  Really?

He knows I love him because I do things for him to let him know.  Just like he does things to let me know.  This is what we do all day long.  We are always thinking of things to let the other person know that they are loved. Sure, sometimes it isn’t enough, but we are only one person, and well…life.  You know.

But sometimes, sometimes…there are those moments when you just want to let the person know.  And then….and then….it is so special to hear those words.  Almost like the first time they were said, all over again.

Yeah… I love him, but.. .I don’t need to say it all the time…

When I say I love you

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