Blog Every Day in May: Day 12

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! 🙂 We went to church this morning, then on a picnic in the park down the street from our house…when we got home, Jeffy and the boys made an outdoor thing for the chickens and Lauren caught a snake. Still early, but I think most everyone just wants to relax now…

So… Blog Every Day in May: Day 12 and the prompt is.. What do you miss?

I answered this during the 31 Day Blog Challenge and you can read that here… I figured I would go a different route today.

Grandma and Grandpa

I miss hanging out with them like when I was young.

My grandma and grandpa.

My grandpa would get rid of monsters in the hallway, steal my nose, give me a name that was so long nobody could remember it all…but he did. I remember riding on his shoulders, playing with their dogs in the yard, and him making sure I was safe when I spent the night. Later, I remember him always picking me up from school and taking me to the orthodontist, Burger King and donuts. He gave me away at my wedding and was able to meet Ryan and Kyle. He didn’t get to meet Lauren, but I think he had something to do with us being blessed with her anyway. We named her an L name because his name started with L. I so wish he could have met her…

My grandma would rub my back, make me cinnamon toast and put ice cubes in my milk. She would always take me shopping at the mall and we would always get a Blizzard at Dairy Queen. She would wash, and I would dry…spotless. (I hope) She would rub my back. She would let me look at her old pictures for hours…hours. She would always have candy in little jars around the house. Supposedly I would sleep walk and eat candy during the night. I still don’t know where those wrappers came from…She would rub my back. Later, she wouldn’t complain (If she did, I didn’t know about it)when I asked her to come and get me and take me to work because I didn’t plan properly.  She came to every function, every birthday party and would always send cards in the mail. It was quite hard saying goodbye to her when we moved here and I wish I had gotten a picture of us that day… I need to call her more.

I miss them both. I miss them together. They were such a huge part of my childhood.

I love this picture of them together.

I love them.

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3 Responses to Blog Every Day in May: Day 12

  1. MOM says:

    Very nice!

  2. Grandmas and grandpas are the absolute best, and yours sound particularly delightful. We’re some of the lucky ones to get to have these types of memories!

  3. Cristy S says:

    Very sweet memories. I have a lot of similar memories of my grandma. They look very much in love.

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