Blog Every Day in May: Day 13

First day back doing full school in almost a month…crazy! Took a while to get our groove on this morning… I forgot about PE and all the silly things we do..ha! Ok..

Blog Every Day in May: Day 13 and the prompt is…Issue a public apology.

I could have taken this in so many directions. Apologized to anyone who has seen me dance, for example…

But…this weekend I was going through a box of old pictures, back when I used my film camera for EVERYTHING!  My poor film camera… Anyway, I’ve been going through these pictures the last few days and reminiscing.

It is towards the end of October in the year 2000. It was just Ryan back then. We went up north to the pumpkin patch there, because that was the BEST one to visit in the whole of Arizona. 😉 We went with Jeffy’s brother and their little family. It was just Katie back then as well. Anyway, they played and played and played…ran and ran and ran..we took SO many pictures that day. (remember, film camera, it could be subjective, lol)

Ryan was loving running in the dirt. He had on his cool hiking boots since it gets cold up there.  Isn’t he cute? 😀 I remember him flapping his one sleeve that was hanging, he thought it was funny…

Ryan running

So, after a while we just let him run, run run and got to doing whatever we were doing…and then…his feet did who knows what, in those big old boots and he just happened to find one of the only mud puddles in the whole pumpkin patch..

Ryan muddy

Just happened he fell face first, lol.

We laughed…and laughed…and laughed… I remember I could hardly take the picture because of laughing so much. Jeffy held him there for a picture for quite a while…

So, Ryan…I apologize to you for laughing at you for who knows how long…before we thought it a good idea to clean off your face.  😀

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4 Responses to Blog Every Day in May: Day 13

  1. Paula says:

    Such cute pictures!

  2. Hahaha Those two pictures are PERFECT for the story. From giddy happy to “get this off of me.” Love it. And him! He was absolutely adorable!!!

  3. Cristy S says:

    That is too funny!!

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