Waterproof Bible!

Yes, you read that correctly…a waterproof Bible!

Getting right to the nitty gritty here folks…check it out!

waterproof bible cover


After getting this in the mail and admiring the feel of it, I was quite hesitant on testing it out. I mean…it is a Bible!  It took me a few days of putting it off…and then I could hear a slight thundering outside. I knew what that meant! So, I went and put it outside right before a huge downpour soaked everything in minutes. This was the after…

So, a little back story..   Bardin & Marsee Publishing sent me this Bible to test out.  I read on their website their story on how they came up with making such a thing.  You can take this anywhere! How great for taking on missions, backpacking trips..or even to the beach!

Right away after opening the box, this Bible felt different. The pages didn’t have the normal thin, crinkly feel and sound like a typical Bible.  That is because the pages are made of synthetic materials. The pages are thicker and smooth to the touch. Mom’s, you know how it is, you are in church and holding the little one and they reach over and…riiiipp…a page right out of your Bible? That won’t happen with this one! You can pull on each page and it doesn’t come out, they are sewn right in.

For those of you that have a marked up Bible, this is great for that too! You can use pencils, ball point pens and dry highlighters with no problem! (Due to the nature of the pages, sharpies and regular highlighters will just rub right off.)  Very easy to find extra pens and pencils in church if you forget yours! And it doesn’t show through the other side!

Ok, so after a couple weeks of being nice, I figured I was ready to get dirty. One of Lauren’s favorite snacks is Nutella with some graham crackers. What a great idea! 😀


waterproof bible nutella

If you have ever had Nutella, you know it is basically a nutty chocolate. Kind of oily.. I wondered if that would affect the page, maybe leaving a grease mark or something.  I went to wash it off…

waterproof bible nutella rinse

It was washing right off!  There was no residue at all!  I made sure it was totally clean and by that time it was pretty wet! I could almost just wring it out like a washcloth!

waterproof bible wringOf course it didn’t dry right away, but left open to air dry, it didn’t take long at all!

Now, ask me if I felt guilty doing all of this to a Bible and I will tell you yes right away! But now, I don’t feel bad if something happens to it, because more than likely it will still look as good as new!

This Waterproof Bible comes in different colors and patterns, as well as different versions. The one I had was this one. It has the new testament as well as Psalms and Proverbs. It sells for $24.95.  You can get full version Bibles too for $44.95.  Feel free to check out their store here.

I would totally recommend anyone this Waterproof Bible! Not just one specific group at all! Let me know if you have one and what you have put yours through! 😀

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