Blog Every Day in May: Day 18

Sooo, I got wayy busy the last few days and haven’t been able to blog. Crazy times!! So, let’s see what we have for today!

Blog Every Day in May: Day 18 and the prompt is… Tell a story from your childhood

This is hard!  Ok, here’s one..not really a story…but just a memory..

I was shy. Super shy. Hide behind my mom and turn red whenever anyone even glanced my way shy.

But for some reason, I was in plenty of plays and musicals for school and church. I was actually in front of audiences of people over and over again.

I was the narrator for a couple plays in school, I can remember playing hide and seek behind the curtains on the stage with my friends and wondering if the principal was going to catch us goofing off. 😀 I think I also had a part or two…I can’t remember that part. I remember something about bells though…lol.

We did The Music Machine in church. I don’t know if I will ever forget the sound that machine made on the songs that we played. I know I had love or joy or self-control as my part, I can’t remember that… BUT, I just went and did a search on all of the songs and I am so surprised I remembered 99% of the songs. Oh my goodness.. HOW is that even possible? 😀

Jen musical

I was trying to find a picture to go with the story and I found this one. It is a bad scan of an old picture, but you get the general idea. We were doing The Birthday Party by Agapeland, the same people that did Music Machine. Of course we had to all dress up as presents! My older friend got to dress up as a snowflake gift. Blue and sparkly. Here I was stuck in a plain box. So, that is my up front with the microphone. Singing. I might have been singing ‘What Can I Give to the King’ but I am not positive.

I have nothing but positive memories about doing all of these plays and musicals. Isn’t that strange? For being so shy? Funny how that all works out.. 🙂

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One Response to Blog Every Day in May: Day 18

  1. Paula says:

    That is strange if you were so shy but I am glad that you had these experiences as a child! I was pretty shy too

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