My Home School Grades

Something is happening at our house.

Ryan is practically done with 8th grade. I am not sure when our last day will be exactly, but still. That means 9th grade. That means high school. Woah!!

With high school comes a more thorough grading and record keeping system than I am currently doing.  So, when I was asked to review My Home School Grades, I was a little ecstatic! 🙂

My Home School Grades

The way this site is laid out makes it so easy to use!  I logged in for the first time and did everything without watching any of the video tutorials at the bottom of the page!  I love that! With three kids, I was a little nervous before I logged on because I thought it would be a lot of work to add everyone and each of their grades…but no, it only took a few moments!

Once you get logged in, you can then make accounts for each child. You can also insert individual pictures, but really, I was in love with the little chalk drawings. 😀 All you have to do is click the yellow box that says Add Student and fill out a little info!  The yellow boxes are quite prominent throughout the site, and that really helps let you know what is important, or to help you find things easier.

MHSG students

I went through and did a rough add in of some of their work and grades just to see how it worked. It was so very easy!  I have a feeling I will say that a lot throughout this review…they honestly made this site very easy to use!

MHSG ClassesLike I said, I just put in some random grades because we aren’t fully done with our year yet. (I can pretty much guarantee that Kyle is getting an A+ in Spelling though!).

See the yellow button again?  That is what you click to add a class.  Then, this screen pops up.

MHSG Add ClassThere are so many options here. Obviously you give it a title and some other information for that specific class.  But what is really neat is it gives you the choice on how you want to grade this class. Lesson Plan lets you input each lesson, quiz, lab, etc to come up with a grade…Single Grade is just that, a letter or number grade or even as a fraction…and Dual Enrollment is helpful if your child is also taking college classes.

If you are using some of the well known curriculum you can use the drop down menu to choose the publisher and the next drop down menu to choose which curriculum. They are expanding this all of the time! If you don’t see yours listed, just send them a quick note! They are extremely helpful! Then you punch that yellow button again, and bam, just like that your class is created!

You can also keep track of any activities they do…sports, academic, etc.

Now, the icing on the cake! My Home School Grades will also create a transcript for you! The all important thing for colleges and other things that come up in the future! It takes all of the information that you entered and puts it so nicely onto an easy to read transcript. You can also choose for it to add the Social Security number at the top. My Home School Grades does not store that information on their server at all, in fact, you have to put it in each time that you want to use it. There is also the choice to have your address at the top as well. At the bottom of the transcript it shows the GPA, how many credits, graduation date and also allows you to sign it, after printing.

MHSG Transcript

They are working behind the scenes to add even MORE to their site…things like attendance..which is important to keep track of in some states. I would totally recommend this to anyone!!  I can’t wait to use it more thoroughly next school year!

My Home School Grades is just $49.99 for a FAMILY lifetime membership. Any improvements and updates are included!  If you would like to try it out first, they also offer a free two week trial!  Just look for the yellow button! 😉

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9 Responses to My Home School Grades

  1. Christephi says:

    Nice review! I like how you tied it all together with “the yellow button”! 🙂

  2. Roberta Peavey says:

    Nice review. Nice blog too!

  3. Photojenic says:

    I love that you can figure it out in about five minutes!

    • Jennifer says:

      Exactly! I was nervous thinking it would take me weeks to enter all of the info for my three kids…I was so happy to realize I was wrong, lol.

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  5. Debbie Lund says:

    We should have been talking years ago about this stuff! Looks like a fantastic resource for grading. But alas, I’m not homeschooling anymore. But when I did, we also used, SOTW, Sequential Spelling, & Christian Light LA & Math. In fact, when Eric entered middle school last year in the middle of 7th grade, he was still in the beginning of CL math 7, and he tested into honors pre-algebra. We weren’t planning pre-algebra until 8th grade for him. Fantastic curriculum!!

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