Blog Every Day in May: Day 25

Woke up today and it is dang cold outside. Brrr. Should work out for our plans today! Warming up in the next few days for our plans later too! Yay!

Blog Every Day in May: Day 25 and the prompt is…  Something someone told you about yourself that you’ll never forget (good or bad)

Sometimes it seems like the oddest things get stuck in your head. Random things that people say. I know I mentioned the home-ec teacher that called me lazy and shiftless before.. Hmm… Oh yes! I know a good one..

Jeffy once said that I had eel lips. Yeah. Eel. He said it wasn’t a bad thing.

Someone else once told me that my nose moved when I talked.  Of course I was a sight as I was trying to look at my nose while I talked, so then I was also cross eyed… 😉

A few people have told me I was special though….So..there’s that.  😀

Jen nose lips

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2 Responses to Blog Every Day in May: Day 25

  1. Paula says:

    Every single one of us are special! That is how we should look at it

  2. Cristy S says:

    My nose moves when I talk too. I also sound like a 7 year old girl on the phone. Several times people ask me “if my Mom was around”. I’m like, “I am the Mom”

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