Blog Every Day in May: Day 30

You ever have one of those days that you start a bunch of different things but never finish any of them? That is my day today.. I am surprised I am even blogging today. 😉

Blog Every Day in May: Day 30 and the prompt is… Letting Go

Control can be a crazy thing.

Have too little or too much of it and things can get iffy pretty fast.

I am never one to want to be in control, but I will, if necessary. If it is important enough. In the same way I won’t let myself be taken advantage of either. (I don’t mean in a self control sense. I am thinking more in regard to circumstances). I tend to go with the flow more often than not.

I think there is a middle ground and that is where I tend to be.

There have been times when I could dwell on they why’s and the how comes…but I let it all go. Most of the time you never get answers to those questions anyway.

I saw this drawing and I think it represented me pretty well…I can always grab onto that handle if needed…but more than likely you will just see me letting go and having the wind carry me along….

letting go

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2 Responses to Blog Every Day in May: Day 30

  1. Paula says:

    I love the drawing! I tend to have a hard time letting go of control. My young son says that is why I won’t let Hospice help me more with Richard’s care. Because I HAVE to be in control!

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