Sunday ramblings..

Yeah, it’s been a while! I figured I would come and do some Sunday ramblings…

So, let’s go back to Thursday..  I wake up, knowing I have a full day with a lot of driving around.

I hop in the shower real quick and as I am wiping the water off my face my pinky finger decides to jam itself into my nostril. I, of course, said ow…and after a short pause continued what I was doing. It was then that I realized I was bleeding. A lot. Disgusting. I couldn’t even finish my shower. I finally got the bleeding to stop after 15-20 minutes and a lot of saying ew and gross to myself…

Get the kids all ready to go and start to drive to our first destination. In my head I was thinking we were going to a different location though…so I went the LONNNNNG way to where I was going. I was already late due to the mess that happened previous…lovely. Was standing around paranoid that my nose was going to start spewing blood again randomly. Thankfully it didn’t!

We get home and eat lunch without incident. YES!!  I have to be about an hour away at 4pm, so we leave around 3 to get there. That didn’t take as long as I thought and the next place we had to go to was at 6:30…so to kill time we went to my other home…where else but Target!  On our drive there, the Durango temp said 111. It has historically read high, there was no way it was that temperature, but it WAS supposed to be in the low 90’s that day.  We all had sunglasses on and the AC on high.  Pull into Target and look at Father’s Day cards and we all take a restroom break. Oh, and I grabbed that bottle of wine that was on sale. How long would that take..maybe 20 minutes? In that short time, the skies darkened, the wind was blowing the trees over and it was pouring. No, more like pelting. I am glad we got a fairly close parking spot and even then we were totally drenched running to the Durango. If I had known that was going to happen I would have brought an umbrella into Target with us, but the sun was shining brightly and I even commented that there weren’t any clouds in the sky when we pulled into the parking lot! Crazy..

We go get a bite to eat for dinner and head to our next place.. While there, Jeffy messages me saying that we have no power and there are trees down on the main road we take to our house. Hurray! I drive home and see a lot of trees and power poles in odd places… We hang out for a bit playing games on our electronic devices and then decide to go drive and see where the main problem is that has to do with our power being out. We go down one road and the police say we can’t go further because of trees in the road, etc. We ask him about our power and he mentions some street that didn’t sound familiar AT ALL…but take into account his accent that I haven’t been able to translate much and it is understandable. (We figured out what he said the next day..ha!) Apparently something major happened down THAT street…

We went to the gas station down the other way on our road and got some water. Because when we have no electricity…we have no water.

We begrudgingly decided to all head to bed, it was getting late.  Brushed our teeth by phone lights and flashlights, with bottled water,  and crawled into our beds.  Our room gets a lot of the afternoon sun and gets warm fast. It was so humid and hot! We opened one window. It was quite nice hearing the frogs, birds and other varmints out there making noise, but it didn’t help cool us off much!

Thankfully we got electricity back around 10:15pm or so. Apparently we are on the main power lines so they work on our power first. Yes!! Some of our neighbors weren’t so lucky though…some of them were out for two days!  We all enjoyed our (much cooler than expected) night of sleep…

Friday and Saturday I just wasn’t feeling well. Not really a cold and not really allergies…not quite sure what it was. Didn’t go to church this morning either…

I figure after all of that, and all of my recovering…that I should be back on regular blogging programming this week. 😉

crazy day Jen

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2 Responses to Sunday ramblings..

  1. MOM says:

    hope you are feeling better, love you!

  2. Paula says:

    I hate being without electricity. We are so spoiled!!

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