What I learned in June

There are so many things to read on the internet. And I do read a lot of things…

So, I am linking up with Emily at Chatting at the Sky. We are all talking about the different things we learned this month. I tend to read a lot of wacky things, so I am just putting that out there now. 😉 What I learned in June is this…

1. A few of us in the household have a weakness for baby animals. All I have to do is say “awwwwwwwww” and I hear footsteps running. So, I came across this website called ZooBorns…and it is all about baby animals born at zoos. We are all on ‘awwwwww’ overload.. here is the lastest animal posted..a coati! I can see using this somehow in our homeschool adventures.. 🙂 You have to check out the funny faces of the chimpanzee. hehe


2. I learned that there are people in Sweden that used a little photoshop on some bus stop ads…they used the people that were there in the ads. Their expressions were so fun once they figured out that it was them. 😀 Apparently they are going to do this in other cities too.. Prankster Photoshops people in ads while they wait for bus.

3. I also learned that Emily from Chatting at the Sky lives in the same state as me. 😀

4. We usually go to the library once a week, on Fridays. But, we just got a card to another library that is MUCH larger and new! I have a feeling we may be going to libraries a little more frequently… 😉  Anyway, this month I checked out this AWESOME book called Unbored. I have read it and re-read it and I keep finding new things. ANNNND, I just found this website that lists things too! Seriously, if your kids have ever used the phrase “I’m bored” you need to get this book. At least just check out the website! 😀

5. Movies. I love movies. But I do NOT like when kids or animals are in dangers way, or worse…die. So, I found this website called Does The Dog Die?  Right now it has 622 movies in its database. It lets you know if any pets die, a pet is injured but ultimately lives or if no pets die. This is such a helpful thing to me, because more than likely, if a pet dies I will think twice before I see the movie. 😛

Does the Dog Die?  The most important movie question.


6. You may have seen this…but I had to share it. How to fold a shirt in two seconds. I don’t know if I will ever be coordinated enough to do this, but I may give it a shot, lol.

On that note, I will end this. Because I just learned that I was hungry. I know…that was bad. But it is the truth. 😀

Enjoy the start to your weekend folks!!



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2 Responses to What I learned in June

  1. April says:

    Don’t you love sharing little tid bits of information like this so you feel like it’s not wasted time b/c it may be something totally wonderful for someone else too?

    I never know how to bookmark some of the crazy crap I find online…

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