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My Life According To…

Remember back in the day on Facebook…those things called Notes? 😀 After the timeline thing changed again and brought them to my main page, some friends and I had fun looking back at some of them. I thought it would … Continue reading

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I am a white

My friends have been talking frequently about personality tests.. I have always seemed to be a variety of INFP…although one of the last tests that I tried had me as an ENFJ.. Pretty sure that E part isn’t correct, but … Continue reading

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Fage Greek Yogurt!

I think I have mentioned on here a time or two how much I like Greek yogurt.  The brand I have been eating the longest and has been a long time favorite is Fage. You know it is fa-yeh, right? … Continue reading

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What I read in May!

I can’t believe it is June already! I had to double check the calendar this morning..I thought there was at least one more day in May! Ah well.. I need to get back to reading more, I have kind of … Continue reading

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