Do you use Instagram? Oh, ha…yeah, me too! 😉

For a while I have been looking into all of the different things when it came to printing my insta pics. I didn’t really have enough to make into a book…although that is an idea! And we don’t really have anything to put magnets on…and stickers? Ack! Jeffy would kill me….

I came across this app…YES, it is an app! You can easily order prints from your Instagram or your photos stored on your phone – FROM your phone! It is called Printic.  When I was doing my last Carabox, the theme was carnival or fair…and well, Jeffy and I did photos in a photo booth the night we met at the fair, so I thought it would be perfect to do that for my person. I snagged a few of their Instagram pics and opened up my Printic app. In a matter of minutes, no lie, I had my order done. It was so easy! You can see them shown a bit on the reveal that Brooks wrote up here.  I had to get the order shipped by a certain date, so I didn’t take any pictures of those…woops!

I decided to order another batch to show you! I did quite a few different sized pics…the typical square, vertical, etc, just to see how they would print, since I did only square the first time I ordered. They look just fine! I think I like the look of the square pics better though, it resembles a little polaroid picture. Cute!!

I ordered these on Monday night. I got a message that they were sending on Tuesday. Even with the holiday, I got them today!  Um…hello Speedy!!  So, this is how they come in the mail. Fun, I love orange for marketing materials!

Printic mail

And this is the result of my printed 3×4 pics!

Printic pics

I love that you can order straight from your iphone! AND….they are only 99 cents each. No extra for shipping!  That’s it! You can also send some to someone else as long as you have their address! How fun that is to be sent pictures in the mail like that! You can print messages on your pics too, but I didn’t do that. I think I was too excited. I may try that out in a future order though, maybe for the kids or something. 🙂

So, tell me.. Have you used Printic before? What do you love best for printing your phone/Instagram pics? Inquiring minds wanna know!!! 🙂

Oh..if you use the link I posted for your order, I will get a picture credit. You don’t have to, but it sure would be fun… 😉

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4 Responses to Printic

  1. MOM says:

    Send Ryan a birthday picture!!!!

  2. April says:

    OH MY GOSH THIS IS SO FREAKING COOL!!!!! How have I never heard of this before??????

  3. April says:

    but OUCH .99 each? You can get Winkflash and Snapfish for .10 each. MAN they need to lower their rates!!!

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