There is this guy…

So, there is this guy…

….who strategically took his jacket off when I first saw him…..who asked me out a few days later.
….who broke up and got back together with me more times than anyone can count.
….who told me to choose between prom and a trip to California, knowing I would pick CA.
….who went to boot camp my senior year of high school.
….who sent letters practically every day while he was gone.
….who came back sooner than expected.
….who dated other people for a while, as did I.
….who chatted with me a couple times when I had moved to NM.
….who didn’t know that someone else proposed to me and we had moved to FL.
….who was there when I needed someone to talk to.
….who took me to Zoo Lights when I came home to visit.
….who finally gave me my California trip when I moved back to AZ.
….who asked me to marry him six months later.
….who married me sixteen days later.
….who made me believe in love at first sight…
I love you Jeffy…Happy Anniversary…
Jeff Jen Anniversary

Jeff Jen Anniversary

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6 Responses to There is this guy…

  1. mom says:

    Love this Jenn!

  2. Courtney @ Air Force Wife and Our Life says:

    You both are too cute! Such a great picture of you both!!!

  3. bekswhoknits says:

    oh you two are adorable.

  4. April says:

    Great story…. 🙂 Yay you! 🙂

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