Thursday Things

It has been a long time since I have done a Thursday Things so I thought I better get to it! 🙂 I hope everyone has had a great week!! Ok, here are things that I have liked this last week…

1. Veggie Straws. You guys, these are so good.. I have tried different brands too, but this one wins, hands down. They have ranch flavor too, and I think other flavors. We get the big deal at Costco they are so yummy. They don’t last long either. 😉

2. Our anniversary was this week… Seventeen years, in case you missed it, I wrote about it yesterday here. I love that guy.. 😀 And maybe I will get him in a suit and take pics of him…on request of someone that shall remain nameless. :cough: Sara. hehehe.

3. The weather. Seriously. Last year when we moved here it was record temps. Hot hot hot. Everyone was complaining to us. Although we didn’t think it was that bad, just a little humid was all…lol. But this week has been so nice! Actually this whole summer has been nice! Today especially has been touched with a little more lovely than the other days… I am loving this!!

4. I am healthy! Well, so far anyway. Went for a check up and they took blood to check for thyroid, cholesterol, vitamin D…who knows what else. It was all good! Although she did ask about my wacky heart and suggested I go to the heart guy next door. I need to make that appointment now that I am thinking about it! (gotta love phone pics in a dark parking garage..)


5. This song. I know it is overplayed…but I get into it. That, and the video floating around of Taylor Swift dancing to it…  😀


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