July Cara Box!

This is my second time doing the Cara Box exchange from Wifessionals.. I am having such a great time with it!! 😀 The July Cara Box had a nautical theme, Sail Away. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but inspiration struck when I was picking out my items to send…

I was assigned to great people again!  I was sending to Courtney at Air Force Wife and Our Life.  It was so fun chatting with her as she gets situated in a new state with her military husband.. 🙂 You can check her blog to see what I sent her…

Sending to me was Kristal at Atutudes. She is so fun! She designs amazing tutu’s, you can see those at her etsy shop! 🙂 She sent me so much stuff, I am surprised that it all fit in the box! The mail guy had to come to our door with it today, so it was fun to see Lauren running in with a box for me. Yay! 😀

Check out all of this fun stuff!!!

July Cara Box

I will break it all down because it is hard to see everything…I know!! 😀

July Cara BoxFirst is a facial mask…looks fun!! A great beach towel…she must have sensed that I need another beach trip soon! 😉 A great nail polish color…I might have to take the color I have on now, and do these asap!! And a candle that smells so good…it isn’t too strong either, which is nice. Lauren wants this in her room…pft. hahaha… And look, these things totally match my blog colors.. hehe!

July Cara BoxI think she knows how I go through post it notes…so I got a few notebooks! 😀 So fun. I keep things like this everywhere because I always need to write something down! Also a set of notecards with a sea horse on them, and great envelopes too!!

July Cara BoxI kind of grouped things by color…so these are the red white and blue! There are some cupcake wrappers…yum!! Now I want cupcakes! Doesn’t take much, but you know… some fun ribbon and an anchor sticker decal! 🙂

July Cara BoxAnd lastly is her little note, which everyone is supposed to send one…you know, to make it personal and such..I love it.. 🙂 And along with that was a dainty little anchor necklace..Super cute!!

Quite a variety of items and I can tell that she thought a lot about what to send… Thanks Kristal!! 😀

There might be time to sign up for the next Cara Box, if you are interested.. They won’t be doing it monthly anymore after this month, fyi… 🙂

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3 Responses to July Cara Box!

  1. Bekah says:

    Such cute things. Great box! I especially like the anchor pendant 🙂

  2. mom says:

    what is the next theme?

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