The name just fit you. At first it was just something we called you because we couldn’t think of a name. We already had a Little Kitten and thought we should find something more unique. But Kitty stuck.

We first got you about 12 years ago and you were a ball of fluff who enjoyed car rides. And what a trouble maker with Ching and Little Kitten! But you enjoyed listening to them complain…but all you really wanted to do was play..

You couldn’t get close enough, when someone was petting you. You would smack my face with your paw, head butt me..whatever it took, to get me to pet you more, more more…

When we moved here, you were the one sitting on the dash of the RV watching the world go by, hanging out in the sun.

We will all miss you Kitty…

Kitty in a basket

Kitty and Jen

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