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Cara Box for August

Ok, I had this all done and I thought it posted, but apparently not.. So I am posting it now. 😉 I got my Cara box in the mail the other day! Oh my goodness… Those that know me will … Continue reading

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I am an Ambivert

Growing up, I was shy. That might be an understatement. I know I have mentioned this before… I would hide from people, refuse to talk to people… For years I have been taking those tests that give you results like … Continue reading

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Five Minute Friday

I haven’t done one of these in a while! Life has been busy around these parts! Since today is Friday, let’s see what the theme is for Five Minute Friday this week! Looks like it is…LAST. Hmm. So, if you … Continue reading

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Today is Wednesday and I usually try and do Whatever Wednesday…but today the theme was to make your own obituary.. I just couldn’t go there today, so instead you get me asking a random question.. Y’all have Pinterest, right? So, … Continue reading

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History Rocks Curriculum

If you homeschool, you will want to read what I am going to write next.  It’s crazy!! I have been chatting with Jill from Enchanted Homeschooling Mom for quite a few months now. A little while back she asked if … Continue reading

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My top 5 TV shows..

This Whatever Wednesday is all about my top 5 TV shows.. I am glad this wasn’t asked a few years ago when Jeffy and I weren’t watching tv….ever… So, on that note…Here are my top 5!! In no particular order…… … Continue reading

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So, there is this subject that seems to come up a lot. Alcohol.. There are bloggers that devote a lot of their time drinking it. There are bloggers who suggest that it isn’t the right thing to do….ever. But it’s … Continue reading

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Not a guinea..

So, we have had the guinea eggs in the incubator for a few weeks. They usually hatch around day 28. The other day, I heard chirping from the incubator. Whaaa? Is that normal? We had no idea, since this was … Continue reading

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What do you take for granted?

Wednesday kind of was sneaky this week and I guess I didn’t realize what day it was…so yes, that means it is link up with Alissa and Shay for Whatever Wednesday! The theme for this week is: What do you … Continue reading

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Philosophy Adventure review AND mega giveaway!

Remember a few months back when I talked about Philosophy Adventure? Goodness, that was the end of May! You can see that here. Well, we have had a little bit of time to go over it a little bit more … Continue reading

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