What do you take for granted?

Wednesday kind of was sneaky this week and I guess I didn’t realize what day it was…so yes, that means it is link up with Alissa and Shay for Whatever Wednesday! The theme for this week is: What do you take for granted? Or who?

Goodness…how does one think about something like that? I think we each take for granted different things daily. Our health, our homes, our happiness…any more ‘h’ words? 😀

I guess every day there are other things that I take for granted.

Jeffy…I mean, he does everything. I feel like I can’t acknowledge or thank him enough for all that he does. And I guess I assume that he will do things that I don’t want to do…like get the bugs out of the house and groom the dogs. He does it ALL…I know he knows I appreciate all that he does, but I feel like that is not good enough. Hm.

Friendship. I guess I took that for granted because certain friendships I just assumed would always be there and then boom….they weren’t.

The Grand Canyon. Yes. I lived in AZ for how long exactly?? And I went to the grand canyon all of one time….and that was with a school group? Pft. Pathetic..lol.

Clean drinking water. No, we don’t live where people have to get their water out of dirt filled puddles…but when the filter stops working correctly on the fridge and we are then drinking tap water that has a little metallic taste to it….well, it’s just one of those things.

I think every day people take things for granted. Big things and little things.  I guess all anyone can do is just be more thankful for everything and everyone they have in their lives. 🙂


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3 Responses to What do you take for granted?

  1. mom says:

    If it makes you feel any better, I have only been there once also! It was nice talking to you today!

  2. Dara says:

    I’ve been to the grand canyon twice! 🙂 my grandmother lives in scottsdale.

  3. Paula says:

    I took my husband for granted for so many years And then he had a stroke 2 years ago and now we are dealing with end-stage Parkinson’s disease and I miss all that he used to do for me. Cherish it while you can!

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