Not a guinea..

So, we have had the guinea eggs in the incubator for a few weeks. They usually hatch around day 28.

guinea eggs in incubator

The other day, I heard chirping from the incubator. Whaaa? Is that normal? We had no idea, since this was our first time incubating eggs… It got louder after a few hours. I had looked in there a few times and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.. After one really loud chirp I looked in there again and I saw one egg way in the back had a little crack. Yikes! This was only day 21! I was trying to do all sorts of mental calculations in my head to come up with a reason why this egg was hatching…

I was on the phone with Jeffy when I noticed a crack. It instantly got bigger, about 3/4 around the egg…and hello!!! The little bird came out to greet us!

chick in incubator

Of course it was all wet and everything. It is supposed to stay in the incubator to dry off a bit…BUT…we still had the egg turner on. Which, if you don’t know, it moves back and forth turning the eggs. This little guy, or (hopefully) girl, might get its legs caught up in it as it moved!  I had to leave it in there for a while because we had nothing ready for anything to hatch, since they should not have hatched for another week!

just hatched golden laced cochin

We finally got something set up for it with a strong heat lamp so it could dry off totally. That’s why they usually stay in the incubator, to dry off.. But with the egg turner in there, we just couldn’t do that. It seemed to be doing ok! I left it alone since it was sleeping quite a bit. When Jeffy came home, we looked at it closer and realized that it had furry feet. Huh?? Guineas don’t have furry feet… Silkie chickens have furry feet. But this didn’t have black skin or any other characteristics of a Silkie. I did some research and realized that it was what appeared to be a golden laced Cochin. Huh. That would explain hatching at day 21…when CHICKENS normally hatch. So, what we had…was definitely not a guinea. It was a chicken. A mighty cute chicken…who really, really, really wants some friends. All it has is a mirror and some little stuffed animal things in there with it. Poor thing. The guineas should start hatching in a few days…Day 28 is Monday. So hopefully it will have friends soon. This might be interesting.. 🙂

two day old golden laced cochin


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3 Responses to Not a guinea..

  1. Kristen says:

    Congrats on the new little one! as unexpected as it might be, lol. Do chickens and guineas get along? This city girl knows nothing about feathery friends…

  2. Nicole says:

    Sure is cute. Can’t wait to see the other hatched!

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