So, there is this subject that seems to come up a lot.


There are bloggers that devote a lot of their time drinking it. There are bloggers who suggest that it isn’t the right thing to do….ever.

But it’s out there.

Do I partake? Sure! Jeffy and I enjoyed our first wine tasting in Monterey, CA a few years back and still like to try new wines out. So far one of our favorites is a pink moscato. We are still newbies though.

I also like martinis, especially a Simpson-tini that my sister in law and I came across a few years back. 😉

Sometimes it is something simple like a vodka cranberry. Or hey…or friend made a lovely limoncello.. Yum…

I see nothing wrong with this at all.

I know in Arizona there were a few of my friends that were hesitant to mention to other homeschool parents that they enjoyed alcohol from time to time. They belonged to church groups and what not that looked down on alcohol use.

I don’t know. None of these people, or me even, go crazy with it.

So, I am just putting it out there that I do drink alcohol every now and again. Not every day, and sometimes not every month…

In case you were wondering… 😉

And I thought this was funny, so….

vodka 1999

There really wasn’t a point to this blog post at all, but it is easier than having something be the elephant in the room when you go somewhere and order a drink….and nobody else does. 😛

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5 Responses to Alcohol..

  1. bekswhoknits says:

    I love that e-card. That is relevant to my life.

    I have non-drinking parents for religious reasons. I’m now 28 and have been drinking alcohol since I was 16 (the legal drinking age here is 18 so it’s not too rebellious), but I still have issues drinking alcohol in front of my parents, even though they totally support my life choices.
    I do wish that mum hadn’t called me after I’d had a boozy afternoon with my best friends on Sunday though.

    I guess there’s no point to this comment except that boozy e-cards are awesome.
    And everyone is different and that’s cool.
    I’ll raise a glass to that.

    • Jennifer says:

      Well, I am glad you are one of the cool ones. 😀 I don’t judge people, but I see a lot of people bashing others who drink. And I think the only alcohol I have had with my mom around was wine and wine coolers when I was younger. Heck, she bought me my first wine cooler when I was young. 😀

  2. mom says:

    Are there babies?

  3. Wendy says:

    Just saw this one… I am sure I am one of those friends you are referring too. Lol!
    Yes I drink alcohol and I am proud of it. Ha!
    Maybe there should be a group for homeschoolers and church attendees to stand up and say I love God, homeschooling and I drink when I want to.

    • Jennifer says:

      Well yes, you are one of those! lol It is even worse here, from what I hear…if you can imagine.
      I put it out there because I didn’t want to be afraid to mention it in person. Who knows if any of those people will read it though. Oh well. 😀

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