I was dreading the dinner party
Thursday, September 19: Creative writing day : write a (very short) fictional story that starts with this sentence: “To say I was dreading the dinner party would be the understatement of the century.”

     To say I was dreading the dinner party would be the understatement of the century. The airline still had not called me as to the whereabouts of my luggage and all of the clothing I had was what I was wearing; my typical traveling attire of sweats, tank top and flip flops. Well, minus the extra undergarments that I keep in my carry on bag in case of instances like this happening.
     I had only allotted enough time to check in to the hotel and do a quick touch up before I had to get to the party. Luckily, the party was just a few blocks away. I doubt any stores would be open in order to buy any sort of dress at this hour.
     At least HE wasn’t going to be there. I had heard through the grapevine that he was called away at the last minute. Good. Our last encounter was anything but pleasant. I surely wouldn’t want him seeing me like this!
     I went down to the hotel lobby and double checked if there were any message for me. Nothing. Brother!
     There was a commotion at the entrance and a very well dressed couple stormed through the doors, a luggage rack being brought in right behind them. The couple was checking in and not being very quiet about it. I wondered what their problem was!
     I quickly grabbed the doors of the elevator so I didn’t have to wait for the next one and realized I was with the luggage rack from the lobby. The loud couple. I scanned the clothing and saw what looked to be a formal dress. Should I? No…that’s stupid! But what else can I do? I can’t show up in sweat pants!
     I lifted the dress gently off of the rack without the bellboy noticing and punched the buttons for the next floor. I would have to go up a few flights of stairs, but it would be worth it.
     I opened the door from the stair well just a bit and glanced both ways. It was clear.  I got to my room and tried on the dress. Fit like a glove! What are the chances? I am not sure it fit with the theme of the evening, but it would do. I did a double take in the mirror and didn’t recognize this person, this thief. Shaking my head and adding a quick spray of perfume, I was out the door.
     The taxi drive was only a few minutes, but still I realized I was ridiculously late, there were only a couple people loitering at the entrance. I walked in the door, half thinking that there would be a policeman accosting me for stealing the dress, but no, it was actually quite calm. They hadn’t started dinner yet, everyone was still eating hors d’oeuvres.
     I grabbed a glass of champagne that was on a tray passing by and started to walk through the crowd. I had just spotted an acquaintance and was going to head that way when there was a tap on my shoulder. I looked behind me and stifled a gasp…
Jen dress shhhh
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4 Responses to I was dreading the dinner party

  1. mom says:

    who is Edward?

    • Jennifer says:

      I needed a guys name. I used the name of the Rooster, but not the spanish name. hahahaha. I couldn’t take that first sentence and come up with a good story so I just went with what I thought at the moment…

  2. Tammy says:

    Jennifer! I am seriously impressed. Do you write fiction? I have always admired people who write fiction. I do not see how they do it. I can barely tell a real story in person without screwing it up, much less write one that never happened. I go completely blank.

    I am cracking up at your mom’s comment. Ha ha ha! I love it!

    • Jennifer says:

      Thanks Tammy! This is the first thing I have ever written! lol. Well, at least since I can remember…? Maybe in high school or something…I did it quickly and now that I have read it through again, I see a bunch of things I would change…but oh well. Maybe I will sit down one day and write something for real, lol. And too, I should have used another name than Edward…I mean, I don’t want it to be all Twilight-ish up in here. 😉

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