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BrimWood Press history and worldview curriculum for homeschool

I have put this review off for a few days because there is so so much involved, that I want to make sure I mention everything.  I am sure I will leave something out, and if I notice that, I will come back and insert it. Please know that this review has a couple affiliate links…

I had never heard of BrimWood Press until a few months ago. I was so excited to review a few of their products! They have such a great selection of books and curriculum! We have had the products for a while and have slowly been working through them. With three kids and three very busy schedules, it was slow going, but I am so glad we have been going slow. There is no need to rush this!

These resources are geared to 10-13 year old children, but I am enjoying it myself!

The first book that we started was A Young Historian’s Introduction to Worldview. We have been doing a few different things with worldview over the summer. The difference with this book is quite noticeable. The book only contains four lessons. What? Only four? Yes, but let me explain!

BrimWood Press Worldview

Lesson One starts with reading a story called The Artifact. It is written about a place called Lensland. There are a few different kinds of people, and they all see things differently. It is a very age appropriate story that kids of many ages will understand. Most curriculum would leave it at just the story…but they went a step further and included a hands-on activity that totally makes sense! There is a 3D image on their website. I have three children, so I had them each look at it differently (I will explain in a minute) and take notes along the way.

My first child looked at the image normally, with the naked eye, and took a few notes on what they saw. The second child looked at the image with sunglasses on and took notes. The last one used 3D glasses that were included in the packet, and took notes. You can imagine that they all saw the 3D image differently! It really made the point the story was trying to convey, make sense to them. Lauren had a bit more fun with this project.. 🙂

BrimWood-Press-LensLesson two had to do with deciding if something was in fact a worldview question, or just an important question. There is an activity with this lesson also.. Lesson three was one of my kids favorites, after the one with the 3D glasses of course. 😉 It is Identifying Worldview Families. They sorted out four different families; Naturalism, Pantheism, Monotheism and Polytheism. They made a lot of notes on what each one believed. There is a hands-on activity with this one also that had to do with wrapping boxes a certain way to illustrate the different worldview families. They totally got it! These hands-on activities are perfect for my children to get them to understand what is being read to them. Lesson four involves a few stories, and we are still working through these, but we are looking forward to this last lesson! Everything you needed for these project were included in the box too! Well, minus the sunglasses…ha!

BrimWood Press BoxesThis book is 78 pages, that includes an appendix in the back and an extra section with some of the activity necessities printed on card stock. Each Lesson has a Table Talk section at the end, that includes family discussions that you may want to have. There is so much stuffed in this book. We have been quite thorough with it because we have also done some extra reading and learning. When they mention that suffixes and prefixes come from Greek or Latin, we take time to study those a little more, things like that. This book is quite engaging…from the stories to the hands on activities!

Now onto the other two books! Stay with me here! 🙂 The first one, Secret of the Scribe is a normal historical fiction story book. It is about a girl named Tabni and her story of change…she was born to a slave woman and they lived in a palace…something happens and she finds herself alone, trying to provide for herself in another part of her country. It tells of her choices she made to survive and at the same time talks about how people believed in many nature gods. There are a few other story books from BrimWood that deal with other time periods that I would be interested in reading! Tabni’s story was the Ancient time. There is also Medieval, Early Modern and Modern. The story was very well written! My kids thought it started slow, mostly because they weren’t sure what was going on, but the more we read, the more they understood and got into it.

Secret of the Scribe book coverThey suggest reading Secret of the Scribe first before starting the next book that I am going to mention. That makes complete sense, since they go hand in hand..

The book that goes with the story is called Christian Theology and Ancient Polytheism. We aren’t near into this as I thought we would be, but I am glad I waited a little bit to review it, as it is just such a great complementary study guide to go along with the story. We didn’t do this every day during our normal school week as it is somewhat overwhelming for my kids.  This is definitely a full nine month curriculum though, just in this book set. It suggests at the beginning of the book that each lesson will more than likely take a few days. Sometimes we did one lesson over a couple of weeks. There are a lot of discussing and re-reading, as well as journaling…basically it is like doing a research project!

BrimWood Theology

The first lesson is A Comparison of the Gods, Their Creations, Their Creatures and the Beliefs They Birthed. It took a comparison of ten different paragraphs from the story of Tabni and put it with Genesis 1 and 2 in the Bible. It was interesting to see the similarities and differences in the stories. There are a lot of discussion questions! I did see the wheels turning in my kids heads, even if they didn’t have the words that they wanted to say, I could understand what they were trying to say.

A little further in, it compares the difference between Gilgamesh’s flood vs the flood in Genesis. This went a little deeper into the emotions and reasonings of why the floods happened, and then later what happened after. Some of the topics get kind of heavy, that is why this is geared towards older students, but like I mentioned before, I am enjoying working through this book as well!

Each next lesson is more comparing and noticing the differences between the two. And all along the way it brings in examples from the Secret of the Scribe as well as the Bible.  There are plenty of opportunities to discuss as much as you want to also. The journaling and comparison charts that are included also helps them understand the differences.

This book is 284 pages total, with 247 pages devoted to the main curriculum, the remaining  pages have the necessary charts to use with the curriculum.

Each of these books are so well written and easy to work with. I fully expect the rest of their products to be the same way!  They do not ‘talk bad’ about other religions, they just state facts and tell stories, but it helps to dig deeper into Christian Theology. Children will realize why they believe the way they do, as well as hopefully get some questions answered.

I really enjoyed all of the products. I will continue where we left off as we get more into our school year! All of us are looking forward to it!

BrimWood Press history and worldview curriculum for homeschool

Please Note: I received copies of this material for review purposes, but was not compensated in any way to review these books nor was I obligated to give a positive review of the materials. I am simply excited to share great resources with my readers!

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