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When we started homeschooling, I was searching for something that would be great for my kids to learn math. Math just isn’t my strong point, I deal with the other side of the brain, if you know what I mean. We have gone through numerous different math curriculum choices!  Before we started the Math Mammoth, we were doing two to three different math things every day!

Math Mammoth

A couple weeks ago we started the Grade 6 Light Blue Series of Math Mammoth. It started with a review. Now, I had started all three of my kids working on this, just to see how it would work out. Ryan is going into 9th, Kyle is between 6th/7th and Lauren is in 5th. I was curious how it would go with them all.

I noticed right away that even just the review at the beginning covered a couple things that they hadn’t particularly done before. Things that they knew, but just hadn’t seen described in such a way for them to understand! That was interesting!

So much is included in the download that I received. Student Worktexts, Tests, Review…there is even a way to make more worksheets. Since I have the pdf files, I can print off what I need when I need them. With three kids, I do go through the ink a little faster, but I am used to that with everything else I am printing.

Each chapter starts out with an introduction section that describes the goals of the chapter, how many pages each section will take and a very cool part that has links to fun games and such! One of the first links is Calculator Chaos. Most of the keys have fallen off the calculator but you have to make certain numbers using the keys that are left. That totally makes it fun and interesting…and also reinforces what they are learning in that chapter!

Each section has any directions in a blue box that you can go over with your child. If it was something new, we would go over it together, but for a lot of the review sections, they already knew what to do. But it was nice having that there for when they forgot how to do one part. The questions are stated in different ways, so that your child will see it as a word problem, a normal math equation, or possibly something they haven’t seen before. It isn’t repetitive at all. Nothing I hated more was doing worksheet after worksheet of all typical multiplication problems…ok, maybe division.. 😉

What I like too, is that there is no teachers manual. All you need is in that blue box! There is an answer key, and it does show you how to do the problem, if needed…which is great if your child happens to miss the answer by only a couple numbers. 😉

mm_cover_grade6Aworktext-sThe Worktext part A covers:

  • the four operations and exponents
  • simple equations and expressions
  • ratios and problems involving ratios
  • proportions, scaling of geometric figures, and scaling in maps
  • all operations with decimals
  • primes and prime factorization
  • all operations with fractions


mm_cover_grade6Bworktext-sThe worktext part B covers:

  • percent
  • geometry: angle problems and calculations, area of polygons, congruent transformations, similar figures, Pi & area and circumference of a circle, surface area and volume of common solids.
  • integers: all four operations and the coordinate grid
  • statistics and probability


I have loved everything about Math Mammoth so far! There was one section, Multiplying and Dividing in Parts, that we didn’t do. Basically, if you were multiplying 7×84 you would multiply 7×80 and then 7×4 and add the results together for your answer. It is an interesting way to learn how to multiply and divide, but at this point, I think it would just confuse them since they have already learned a different method. I did give them the option of doing it though. 🙂

I also read that she is working on curriculum for pre-algebra some time in 2014, which would come in handy probably for Kyle..but on the website she also lists some helpful tips for that math. There are worksheets listed for 7th and 8th grade though, which is a great option as well!

She does not sell anything directly on her website, but goes through resellers. The options are listed on her site. On for example, you can get, for $37.50 the Math Mammoth Grade 6 Complete Curriculum (download)
Contains the two student worktexts (A and B), answer keys, tests, cumulative reviews, and a worksheet maker. Also includes bonus software Soft-Pak (Windows only).

I normally like to use pictures that I have taken on my blog, but showing photos of my children doing math worksheets just didn’t have the same draw to me as something more exciting would.

If you are interested, check out their website! There are plenty of free examples as well as a free placement test!

Let me know if you have ever used Math Mammoth, or plan on giving it a try!

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