I thought I would join up for Five Minute Friday today! It is still Friday for a few more hours anyway! 🙂

The word for this Friday is Ordinary.


My days, for the most part, are quite ordinary. Wake up, eat and check email, facebook, etc. Go up and take a shower, wake up the kids and do school.

Dishes, laundry and looking at the mess on my desk thinking I will work on it ‘tomorrow’. Riiiiiggghhhhhtttt.. 😉

Jeffy has been gone the last week out of town and it has been nothing but ordinary. We only had one subject in school this week, spelling. That took only a few minutes. Then we did our fun Brain Quest questions. I would then run to the computer and work on pictures until 11 or midnight. I didn’t sleep well those nights either. Waking up at 5am on the dot for who knows what reason.

One of the days I was working on the computer and out the corner of my eye I see a man walking around the house. I live in the country and that is just not something that happens. I look closer and realize it is a sheriff. I am in my pj’s. So I run upstairs and quickly change and am barely finishing by the time he is ringing the doorbell repeatedly.

I answer the door and he says that there had been complaints from neighbors about a man that is walking through the forested areas by houses and he has an orange cooler. Like one of the big ones that you take camping. Awkward, but ok. He wanted to know if I had seen him, or was missing an orange cooler. I said no to both accounts and he said to call if I notice anything.

Freaky…so of course I make sure the house is secure and look with sideways glances through all of the windows checking for an orange cooler through the trees.

I never did see anything, thankfully.

But I am glad that Jeffy is back home. I can go back to ordinary….


adjective: ordinary
with no special or distinctive features; normal.
“he sets out to depict ordinary people”


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3 Responses to Ordinary

  1. What a lovely piece, Jennifer! Ordinary can be so thoroughly good and comforting. I’m glad I stopped by! Thank you.

  2. mom says:

    This is probably the thing you forgot to tell me the other day! To expand on the definition of “ordinary” should also have in it “and no orange coolers” or not a sheriff either!

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