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The kids and I really enjoy Art whenever we get a chance to study it. We will often drag it out for as long we can since we all have a good time with it. I was excited when asked to review See The Light Art Projects with Mosaic Reviews. They are individual art lessons on a dvd. I hadn’t heard of the company before, but it looked like something that would fit in with our family!

See The Light Horsin' Around

I was able to pick out of the numerous Art Projects listed. I chose Horsin’ Around because Lauren has been fascinated with horses lately and with our move to the country it just seemed fitting! Although, I was tempted to pick the one with the cakes and candy. 😉

We lucked out and had almost all of the necessary materials list. We did not have pastel or chalk paper on hand, so we used blue construction paper instead. We may have had better results using the correct paper. Another reason I chose the Horsin’ Around lesson was that it was dealing with pastel chalks. We hadn’t used our set all that much and I thought it would be great to see what we could do with them.

The first lesson was drawing the horse with basic shapes. The kids were intrigued that a horse could be made out of some circles and squares. It worked though! We enjoyed listening to Pat Knepley narrate through the lessons. Oddly, she reminded us of one of the kids great Aunts. 🙂 She started out with some history of Edgar Degas, and the way she told it was not boring at all! I love that she told it matter of fact like, but in a friendly, almost story like way.

Before we knew it, our basic drawings were done!

See The Light Horsin' AroundThe next lesson was bringing some color in with the chalk pastels. There were more stories about Degas. Pat also reads a scripture verse or two with each lesson, that ties in to what she is talking about, or the subject at hand. It is great how it ties in together!

She mentioned the correct way to color with the chalks as well as saying that it is ok to break them in half! We were all sitting there looking at each other thinking of breaking all of these like new chalks that we had. I guess we got that from crayons and how it would be awful to break those! haha! But we agreed, it definitely made it easier to use them once they were broken!

Here are the results after the second lesson!

See The Light Horsin' AroundThe third lesson involved adding more detail to the horse. There were shadows that needed to be made as well as highlights.  Some of us were frustrated about our horses from the beginning and some of these details that she wanted us to make made our mistakes a little more obvious…but we worked on through! I loved how at the end of each lesson the changes were quite remarkable in our horses! It didn’t take much time at all, either!

Another thing that worked for us was the ability to pause and rewind. Sometimes we didn’t hear or understand what she was wanting us to do, or we needed more time to do it. That definitely helped our pieces turn out better than they could have. 😉

See The Light Horsin' AroundThe last lesson was making details in pretty much the rest of the picture. The fields, the sky, even more on the horse. Pretty much just finishing it up. I know we were all questioning ourselves at this point, wondering if what we were doing would make our pictures better or worse, but really, I loved how they all have their own unique look to them! What do you think of our horses? 🙂

See The Light Horsin' AroundSee The Light Horsin' AroundSee The Light Horsin' AroundSee The Light Horsin' AroundAfter doing this one lesson, I am really thinking about trying all of the rest. What I found out was that See The Light can easily give half a credit in Art! She also suggests ways of bumping that up to a full credit! This is great!! North Carolina has plenty of museums and such that are free that we could easily take advantage of, which is one of the options to bump that hour number up. Having a high school aged son really makes me take note of these things now!

My kids and I all participated in this and none of us thought that she was talking over our heads or the opposite, talking to us like we were little kids. She brought up elements and principals of art through her talking and made it seem like conversation, not that we were learning something.

Horsin’ Around, by itself, can be purchased for $14.99.  You could also purchase all nine lessons for $99.99.  There are other options on the website as well as different items all together. It is definitely worth checking out!

Let me know if you have ever tried Horsin’ Around or any of the other lessons in the See The Light series! It will help me know what to pick next! You know….after the one with the cakes and candy. 😉

Check out some of the reviews of other lessons on the Mosaic Reviews website!


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