Chicky Bird

Remember back in August I talked about our chicken hatching after were incubating the guinea eggs? I mentioned it here in case you want to check that out…

Well, I thought I would do an update on him. Yes…it is definitely a him. He has the silliest cock-a-doodle-do I have ever heard.. It sounds like he is calling his own name…which, as silly as it is, is Chicky Bird.

So the very first guinea that we incubated turned out to be a chicken which turned out to be a rooster. A rooster of a very interesting sort.

Back in the blog post that I mentioned, I had looked on the internet and came to the conclusion that it was a golden laced Cochin. Well, as Chicky Bird got older, I could tell it wasn’t very golden laced…only a little. It looked part like our Black Australorp. We also came to the conclusion that it wasn’t growing very big. That helped us to guess that it was a bantam, which is a smaller version of a breed of chicken.

So, our very first guinea that we incubated is a chicken that is a rooster that is a Bantam Golden Laced Cochin Black Australorp? I really…just don’t know. lol.

I do know that he is trying to be all tough and attack our flip flops when we go outside. Dude. Seriously?

What do you think of him? 🙂

Chicky Bird

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4 Responses to Chicky Bird

  1. Dara says:

    I think he’s beautiful!

  2. Topaz says:

    I think I am scared of anything that would try to attack my flip flops for no good reason. lol

  3. Katey says:

    Ohhh he’s purty!!

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