Thankful November

I don’t know if you are doing it, but I am doing Thankful November on Facebook. Just every day saying what I am thankful for. It will always be something small or silly or whatever…because I will always be thankful for God, my family, etc… These are just things that I notice during the day that may make me happy or have me thinking about how nice something is. I keep it simple, man!

So there is this other group of people on Facebook that is tired of the whole Thankful November thing. I have seen posts about it, ecards about it…whatever. I don’t know why they would hate to hear what other people are thankful for…

And then there is this…

Thankful NovemberYeah, that must be it… lol.

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One Response to Thankful November

  1. Paula says:

    I can’t imagine not liking Thanksgiving It is my favorite holiday of all of them

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