Fall Cara Box

It is that time again!!  Kaitlyn at Wifessionals put together the Cara Box exchange differently this time around. Instead of only having a couple weeks to get to know your person, you got a couple months! So this was a Fall Cara Box exchange.

It seems like it will take me a little bit to get used to having so long to get to know someone…hahaha. The person I was sending to, Heather,  was quite busy for the first part of the exchange, and then I was  busy for the next part. We both thought we had another couple weeks to send our boxes. Oops! 😉 We both got on the ball right away after that! heeheh..  It was fun putting her package together even though there were a few things I couldn’t get in time… Check out her link to see what I got her.

The person sending to me was Jessica. Another busy person. I think it just goes with the season. Once they start putting out the Halloween stuff in stores, it seems like the world goes on fast forward until New Years.

Fall 2013 Cara BoxI got such a great box from her though! 🙂

Fall 2013 Cara BoxUnfortunately that lovely smelling candle up in the top left of the pic was all broken. There was glass everywhere so I didn’t want to take everything out too much to show each thing like I normally do. But alas, Jeffy says he can take the candle part and hopefully put it in something else so that we can still burn it. We are addicted to candles, so, this is perfect! I have always wanted to try this particular kind of candle too! I can’t wait! 🙂

She sent some yummy smelling soap, which will be great here in another week or two. And the note cards? Well, since she was on the ball more than I was, I was able to use one of them for the box I sent…perfect! 😀 My grandma loves hummingbirds so these will remind me of her! Maybe I should send her a little note on one soon!

The fingernail polish is just fun! If you saw the state of my toes right now you would cringe. I keep saying I am going to change the color, but right now, there is hardly any color on there. It is awful. I will have to do something about it today as it will be around 70 for the high and I am sure I will be wearing flip flops!

She sent a cowl that she made too! I love handmade stuff! And it is perfect because ‘they’ say it is going to be a harsh winter this year! Heck, we already had snow flurries! I will have to play with it and see how I like to wear it best, I have never had one of these before!

And lastly…the truffles. I mean…really. No explanation needed other than I put them in a safe place so that I could enjoy them one by one. By myself. Unless I really felt like sharing. :giggle:

Did you do a Cara Box exchange this time around? Let me know! It really is fun! The next sign up is on Dec. 2nd and this time it is going to be done by state! You will be sending to the person in the same state as you! If you are in NC, you may just get me as your partner…But I promise to be more on the ball… 😉




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4 Responses to Fall Cara Box

  1. Melissa says:

    I keep seeing everyone who sent candles have them ended up broken! 🙁 Hopefully you’ll be able to put it into something else so that you can safely burn it.

    Also, as another NC blogger, I’ll keep an eye out for you on the next box. 😉

    • peg downs says:

      you can melt it and then dip pine cones in it. they make great fire starters and smell good too. Plus, the kids will have fun doing that.

    • Jennifer says:

      How are you liking this current cara box exchange? I am not really chatting with my people. I try and not much of anything. :shrug: Ah well, I still like looking for things to buy, lol.

  2. Nicole says:

    I’m glad the exchange turned out well for you. I love that red cowl. So sweet to receive handmade items in the Cara Box! Hope all is well on your side of the country.

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