Not so famous first lines..

I went to the library a couple weeks ago and I was so happy to see that they had their little section of gift wrapped books. I love when they do that!

Not so famous first lines

Every now and again they take a selection of books and gift wrap them so you don’t know what they are. The last time I went they only put the story description on the front. I got a good book that I am pretty sure I wouldn’t have picked up off the shelf..

This time around, the theme was Not so famous first lines. They just typed up the first sentence from the book. How fun!! You never know where the book can go! This is the one I picked up:

Not so famous first linesI had no idea what to expect! There were some books that sounded like others I might read, some that sounded like books that I for sure wouldn’t read…but I didn’t know what kind of book this was…

I opened it when I got home and found this book:

Not so famous first linesI had never heard of this book, and the librarian hadn’t either, when I checked out.

I started it quite a few days ago, but it is just starting out slow for me. I am only on page 80. I am hoping to finish before the end of the year just so I can start the new year fresh with my challenge. 🙂

Does your library do anything like this? I should ask mine to do it more often, because I love the surprise of it all!

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2 Responses to Not so famous first lines..

  1. Colleen says:

    I usually download books to my kindle…
    I was surprised that “orange is the new black” was a book… I had just started watching it on netflix. What a great book! It makes me look at mandatory minimum sentences and drug charges differently. A very easy read which I need to keep me entertained.

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