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If you know me or have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I moved from Arizona to North Carolina. The climate in AZ is what many call, a dry heat. Sure, I suppose… 😉

But that is what confuses me. This is my second season of cold weather here in NC and my skin has been so dry! I don’t get it! ha! But between my fingers, my knuckles…they were just dry and I even had a few cracks! Ouch! I wasn’t used to that at all!

I was very excited when the offer came from Mosaic Reviews to try out some Udderly Smooth products because I had heard of people having great success with them!

I had thought that I would be receiving maybe some hand cream or something…but when I opened the box, I was surprised to find TWO sizes of hand cream, a jar of foot cream and a jar of body cream! Not to mention some samples..and a coupon! WOAH!!

Udderly SmoothNow, I love me some lotion. I have it all around the house and in my vehicle. I can’t stand washing my hands and not having some sort of lotion to put on right after. So this made me kind of giddy…I immediately put the small hand cream at my desk, the larger one in the kitchen, the foot cream by my bed and the body cream in my bathroom.

The hand cream is wonderful. Has a very light scent, but isn’t greasy like some hand lotions can be. I hate those…ick! It isn’t thin or runny either! What I did notice though, is even after washing my hands, I don’t get the feeling to put lotion on immediately as my hands still feel smooth. In the week and a half that I have been using it, the hand cream has gotten rid of my painful cracked knuckle and the skin between my fingers looks much better too!

Udderly Smooth Body CreamI opened the body cream and noticed right away how thick it was. I use this after showering and take a big glob. Even after using it for ten days, I still have plenty left! I definitely didn’t need to reapply it throughout the day!

Udderly Smooth Foot CreamI have to admit, I really haven’t used much cream devoted to feet. You can ask my sister in law…ha! This isn’t as thick as the body cream, pretty thin actually, but not in a bad way. I only need a teeny bit of this for each foot, I can tell this is going to last a very long time! But I have noticed that it really is nice doing this before I go to bed each night. My feet are very smooth!

In reading the FAQ’s on their website, they state that they do not test on animals, which is a definite plus in my book!  The company is also family owned and operated and has been for 30+ years.  Their product was originally meant to use on cows, but now works wonderfully for your dry skin issues.

I was given these products to try out and review, but the opinion is all mine! To read what other reviewers had to say about these creams, check out the Udderly Smooth section on the Mosaic Reviews site here! 🙂



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