This is 40

One month ago I had a birthday.

I turned 40.

This is 40

What?? Yeah, I think I might have said that a time or two… I just couldn’t believe that forty years have passed…it seems so fast.

I remember maybe in 4th or 5th grade, walking down the street to school with my friend Denise.  We were having a conversation about getting older and what it would look like. We did in fact talk about what turning 40 would mean.

We imagined ourselves with families, with jobs…and we wondered what we would look like. In our minds we weren’t sure if we were going to look like an exaggerated version of the nasty witch from Hansel & Gretel or if we were just going to look slightly older than we looked then. Yeah, we were way off.. 😉

I know a lot of bloggers out there now are in your 20’s…mayyyyybe early 30’s. Just a smidge away from being a teenager. You might be at your first job, maybe just planning your wedding or even just had your first child! Maybe none of those things! ha!

Are you curious what 40 looks like? Like, a real 40?

I asked around for photos of people from when they were 40 years old. Any time during that 40th year of theirs. I wanted to show what 40 really looks like. I have both men AND women, no favorites! Some people sent in more than one pic, so I used both!

This is real.
This is life.

This is 40.

This is 40


These people rock 40. I mean, look at them!

You are awesome! 🙂
Thanks to those that sent in pics!!




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6 Responses to This is 40

  1. MrsFun says:

    Okay, i loved this and I so want to do something like this when I turn 40. Which is this year, eep! I have a lot of friends that either turned 40 or will this year. So fun.

  2. April says:

    I got ya beat by a year! I just turned 41 on 12/20. 🙂 You look BEAUTIFUL! 🙂 It’s just a number… one that I don’t even mind going up. Now the scale — we are not in a happy relationship right now and if it goes up… I may go postal! 😉 But that’s a WHOLE OTHER issue!

    Happy BIRTHDAY!

  3. Yay I made the cut! Thanks for including my photo…. this is a great idea! Oh and you ROCK 40 my friend… you actually look 30 😉

  4. Sara says:

    FAB job jen!!! Again you know how to rock the 40!! Some great 40 faces!!! So Real and it makes so fun to know that there are so many Rockin the 40’s just like you!! Gah 5 months away from 41 OH LORDY!!! lol

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