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We started our new year of school January 6th after taking the whole Fall off. What a nice break that was! It will mean schooling through the summer months, but I think it is worth it! At least this year. When we moved here we didn’t start school until October and we finally finished in October the following year! The kids surely didn’t want to keep going with no break! So, I thought of taking the Fall off and here we are!

I added in two books this year that I wasn’t sure how they would be. I saw them on Amazon and just ordered them after reading just a few reviews. Two subjects that I want them to be proficient in are Math and Language Arts. We do quite a few things with Math, which I am sure I will do another post later on what I found for that… But these two books that I found will be helpful for Language Arts.

Here are three recent homeschool favorites that we use!

The first book is The Giggly Guide to Grammar by Cathy Campbell.

We are only in the book a short way and the kids have laughed at some of the silly sentences. We have covered nouns, pronouns and adjectives and are now starting verbs and adverbs. They all know what these are, have worked on them extensively.. But it is nice to get the point across in a way that they will remember.

The very first exercise was a sort of mad lib game. You know those books that you filly in nouns, verbs, adjectives, that sort of thing? Well, I didn’t tell them what it was for, but I told them to make a list of 20 nouns.  I took their list and read it out loud with the story in the book. We were crying it was so funny. Of course, mad libs tend to do that anyway…ha!

Some of the exercises are more straight forward, like changing certain words to their plural version…or rewriting a paragraph to make it more descriptive. Either way, the sentences and paragraphs are so silly that we always laugh… 🙂

The next book is Banish Boring Words by Leilen Shelton.

SC-9780545083034 - Banish Boring Words Gr 4-8 in Word Skills

We haven’t used this one yet, but I love it just by looking at it!

This book has words to improve any word you could think of. Well, that you may use in a story or report. It is filled with action verbs, adjectives…words to use instead of ‘said’ or ‘thing’.

This book will come in so handy when we start doing more writing!!

Speaking of writing, the last book is called Unjournaling by Dawn DiPrince and Cheryl Miller Thurston.

We have done some sort of daily journaling since we started homeschooling a few years ago. I could tell that some of the prompts that I found weren’t favorites of the kids. They wanted to know how they felt about things, or what if ‘this’ happened… Sometimes they just wrote a bunch of silly stuff because they didn’t want anyone else to know how they felt about something.

What I love about this book is that you could do anything with your journaling that you want! The first prompt in the book is: Write a paragraph about a girl named Dot, but use no letters with dots (i, j). That’s a little tricky, eh? But it really gets them thinking about what they are going to write!

There are also ‘answers’ in the back of the book, to maybe give ideas if they get stuck, or to see how someone else may write for the prompt of the day.

Do you use any of these books? Do you have suggestions of similar books that I should check out? 🙂 I try and keep things light and fun for school, although I know that isn’t always possible.

While I did link to Amazon, I am not affiliated with them and I just linked to them because it was easiest at the time. This is just my personal opinion and nobody asked me to review these books.

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