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Woah, I am totally off on what day it is! That happens too frequently…oops! So, it is Wednesday, and just in time for another installment of Finish This. 🙂

For those of you that don’t know, Finish This is a weekly link up hosted by four friends.. you can check them out on this thing here:

I haven’t cheated by looking ahead at the prompts so who knows what I will type… ha!

1. A typical day in my life… We are going there, are we? Well..I wake up usually as Jeffy is leaving to go to work, around 6:30 or so. I catch up on Instagram, glance at emails and get angry that I am not the type of person that could just fall asleep again after waking. First thing I do is go feed the goats and make sure they have water. Then it is the cats turn. I go in and make sure the dogs go outside, turn on my computer and throw some corn and dog food out for the peahens and guineas. I have to go outside yet again to the barn to check on the baby chicks to make sure they have everything they need. Also,the other mama hen sitting on eggs, I give her a handful of food or corn or something since she doesn’t ever leave the eggs. I can finally come in and make my breakfast. I eat that while doing emails and facebook, etc. Shower time is at 8:30, wake the kids up at 9 and we start school at 9:30. Lunch is from 12-1. Sometimes we are done with school before lunch, sometimes we aren’t. Kids do their chores at 4 so I usually make sure the kitchen is clean. Jeffy comes home usually around 5:45 and I just veg out. Jeffy usually does dinner for the kids since I don’t really eat a true dinner. I usually eat that around 6:30. I try not to eat past 7pm. Sometimes I go upstairs at 8 to get ready for bed and to watch tv with Jeffy. Sometimes it isn’t until 9. Depending on how much stuff I have to do on the computer..Jeffy falls asleep usually by 10 and I stay up either reading or doing stuff on my phone. Fall asleep and it starts all over again.

2. You’ll never see me… eating lima beans. :gag:

3. It’s really unattractive when a guy/girl… Smokes.  Ew.

4. If I could buy one thing right now, it would be… Right now, this minute, I would buy a new AC unit for the house so that we would have proper heat. It gets cold in here, especially upstairs! Brrr…

5. I have high expectations for… Ryan and Lauren to fix my glove. The innards came out and it is all wacky. Let’s see if it works. hehehe.


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2 Responses to Finish This

  1. mom says:

    I bet if you tasted a big old butter bean you wouldn’t mind eating a little lima bean! I will probably call you again tomorrow, have more to tell you!

  2. Paula says:

    We love lima beans at our house!

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