Dickie-Do’s BBQ

Around-NCAs a family we all enjoy eating together. It could be a meal at home or at a restaurant.

Moving to a new state has given us the opportunity to try all sorts of new restaurants! So fun! I thought I would start mentioning some of the ones we try when I talk about things around NC!

We love us some good BBQ! After moving across the country we have realized there is a definite difference to the BBQ in Arizona! One of our favorite BBQ places was shortly after we crossed the border from TN on the move out here. So good. It was the first time we had seen pulled pork on top of a hot dog..

Anyway, we have been searching for a non-chain BBQ restaurant and someone suggested Dickie-Do’s BBQ. It wasn’t even too far from our house, score!!

Dickie-Do's BBQWe have gone a few times and the last time we went I thought I would snap some pics with my phone. If I knew we were going I would have brought my ‘real’ camera in order to do the pics justice…

The whole place is decorated so cute! And they put such thought into the surroundings. They have a corn hole board set up, checkerboards printed on some tables and these magnetic word frames set up on other tables. What a great idea! Something new and different to do while you wait for your food…which doesn’t take very long at all by the way!

Dickie-Do's BBQWe have gone here I would say about six times or so now? The first time we went, we went sliiiiightly overboard and got a little bit of everything it seemed like, hahaha! It was fun to try it all though, and it was great for leftovers. 😉

When we go out to eat we usually do so at lunch time..so one of our favorite menu items at Dickie-Do’s is the BBQ Bruchetta. Whaaa?? Yes, it is as good as it sounds. Crispy french bread with BBQ, sauce and cheese. It is so stinkin’ tasty… I always the the order of four, eat half and take the other half home, it reheats nicely in the toaster oven!

Dickie-Do's BBQYes, I feel like this is all Instagram like with my food pic from my phone, but seriously…this is so yummy… 🙂

The last time we went they had just come up with a new dessert, some sort of peanut butter mousse with chocolate crumb crust and just all sorts of yumminess. They were trying to come up with a new name for it. I will have to check and see if they ever did! The winning suggestion would win the dessert of their choice.

I would say 90% of the time we have visited, the owner has stopped at our table to chat us up. Very nice! A couple times they were completely busy, I don’t fault them on that!

Dickie-Do’s is located in Haw River, NC, so if you are ever out that way, stop in and check them out. 🙂

In case you wanted to read about more food….I wrote an article for Home & School Mosaics that has a recipe for Red Velvet Peanut Blossoms... You know you want to check that out.. 😉

Red Velvet Peanut Blossoms


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