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I seriously need to get caught up blogging! It’s been so rainy here lately that all I have been wanting to do it sit and read my book….which is fine, it gets me closer to my goal on goodreads. 😉

But I enjoy doing the Finish This dealio every Wednesday and it is easy…so…here ya go!


Wanna do it with me? Go for it! Finish This.. you can go there for the link up!

1. I will never outgrow… eating a pb&j with chips and fruit. Such a typical toddler lunch but I love it so much. 😀

2. I splurge on… buying things for other people. It could be a gift or just something that I see in the store that I know someone would like. I buy for other people before myself.

3. My worst habit is… probably not admitting that I am wrong. But really, how often does THAT happen? 😉

4. My passport represents… absolutely nothing, because I don’t have one. I would love to be able to need one though. I want to travel so stinkin’ bad.. :sigh:

5. My most ridiculous fear is… talking on the phone. Gah…I need to make like three appointments for myself right now and I keep putting it off. Why can’t I just do that online???

6. My favorite thing to give is… something that the other person will know I was thinking of them when I picked it out. It could be a card that I spent ages looking for just the right one, a little gift or sometimes just a hug… 🙂



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3 Responses to Finish This..

  1. Mmmmm PB&J. I might have to go make myself one of those right now. I’m not pregnant anymore, what’s wrong with me?! HA!
    Nicole @ Three 31 recently posted…Finish This #5My Profile

  2. Grace says:

    Yeah, who likes to admit when they are wrong??? Certainly not me!
    Grace recently posted…Finish This – Week 5My Profile

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