The Ultimate Win A Random Prize Giveaway

There is a giveaway that I posted yesterday for the digital copy of the book as well as audio version of ‘My Beloved and My Friend’ (Quick, go enter, you have a good chance on winning!!) ….well, I am here now to tell you about another giveaway!

On the Raising Real Men website they are hosting a bunch of giveaways! I lost track counting how many things they were giving away! There is one for middle grades, one for Homeschool Mom encouragement, Classical homeschooling, Young Learners… The one that I am going to talk about is The Ultimate Win A Random Prize Giveaway!

Win a random homeschool prize giveaway

I love me some surprises!! 😉 This giveaway has a random assortment of prizes and you will be entered to win one of them. There are 40 gifts so that means 40 winners!! I think it is definitely worth entering, don’t you? Check out the details and enter below, it is super easy!!

Then, you can go to the Raising Real Men site and enter the other giveaways!!

Here’s a list of what you could win! (One prize per person)

6 Winners: Early Spring NaturExplorer Bundles from Shining Dawn Books

1 Winner: A Greek Hupogrammon: A Beginner’s Copybook for the Greek Alphabet from Trivium Pursuit

1 Winner: Seasons At Home One Year Subscription from A Joyous Home

1 Winner: Excelerate SPANISH DVD from Excelerate Language

5 Winners: Learning to Treasure God’s Word from The Character Corner

2 Winners: Training and Correcting the Heart With Scripture from The Character Corner

6 Winners: Young Reader’s Collection CDs from Heritage History

7 Winners: Spies of the Revolutionary War Creative Writing Bundle from New Millennium Girl Books

4 Winners: Schoolhouse Expo Tickets from The Old Schoolhouse

7 Winners: Your Child’s Profession of Faith from Grace and Truth Books

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