I don’t swear….I swear!

There are some oddities about me that I have mentioned here and there..I have had a few comments lately so I figured I would address them little by little.

The first one I am going to talk about is…

I don’t swear…I swear! hehe

Yep. I don’t swear, cuss, curse, say bad words, whatever you want to call it.

A lot of people can’t fathom it when they find out. Their gut reaction is to try and get me to say one of ‘those’ words, usually their own personal favorite.

It has been this way ever since I can remember. Sure, my mom has stories of when I was a baby running around saying a particular word after hearing someone else saying it…but by choice, I have never partaken in that particular language. 😉

You may be wondering why…and honestly, there is no good answer. When I was younger I said it was because God doesn’t like that language. As I got older…I realized *I* didn’t like that language!

The words aren’t helpful…they aren’t pretty…they almost always have a negative connotation. There aren’t any stories or conversations I have that NEED those words in them.

But, Jennifer, you may ask…what do you say when things happen, when you just have to say *something…

Welp…I bring you to this clip of Tim Hawkins the comedian.

I have chatted with Tim’s brother on the phone, have used one Tim’s songs on my photography website and have seen him in concert. I love Tim’s humor and how nice his brother is…

I have to laugh watching this because I found a few words that I say in there. Not very many..but still.

What do I say?
Flip. I say that one a lot.
Dang it. Yeah, that too..
Sometimes just an ARRRGHGHG comes out.

But really, I try not to say negative things.

Jen flower mouthSee, only pretty things come out of my mouth. 😉

You may think I am more than likely smoking that flower in mouth, but y’know, that’s a story for another day. hehe…

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