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So, my friend Misti has done a lovely photo wall in the last couple of houses she has been in. I have wanted to do something similar since I first saw hers!

I had taken advantage of a photo printing deal for 4×6’s at one cent each a while back and thought I would just use some of those pictures! I had them printed with a black border. I would normally do a white border, but for some reason I thought I would try the black. I actually like the black because with this project, my wall is very light and I think the black sets it off more.

It was just a mish mash of both old and new images, so the first thing I did was group them into content. Each child got their own pile, Jeffy and I had a pile and then and separate ones of us each got a pile. Scenery pics and other family members got a pile too.

I looked through the piles and noted that I had a lot more horizontal pictures than I did vertical, which was odd because I normally take more vertical. Hm..

I measured the area that I wanted to do the collage…it was going above the computer at my desk so I could look at it often..

With the measurements, it became apparent that it would look better and be visually pleasing if I used the horizontal images. I was able to do seven rows across and six down. If I didn’t have shelving to the one side, I could have gone bigger, but I think the size is perfect for the spot.

Picking out the images was the hard part. If I had an idea that I was going to do this project, I would have ordered different images. These had been in my ‘to print’ folder for a while though, so I thought I should just get it done. I have a fair amount of each child, of Jeffy and I, scenery and a couple other family pics. Some pics from years ago and some that were only a few months old. I had a handful of black and white images in there too, which I was able to put right in the middle alternating with the color images.

I arranged them out on the table first, to make sure I liked them. I did so many changes, I drove myself crazy. I finally just left it the way it was.

To put them up, I used glue dots. I don’t know if I grabbed the extra strength ones or what.. or maybe it is because the house is older.. But I went to reposition one of the pics and it had ripped off the paint underneath. SOoooo, if you want to try this, I suggest looking at the glue dots you purchase.. hahaha! We would be repainting this room eventually anyway, so it wasn’t a big deal to me.

I really like the way it turned out, and there are a lot of my favorite pictures in there. Some, I had to throw in to keep it even.

Jen Photo Wall

It seems like at least every week someone comments on one of the pictures. I love that. Most of the pictures on our walls are framed portrait style pics, so this is a nice change.

One of the pictures lost it’s sticky dot, so I need to put one back on there…but that’s easy enough! 🙂

I love love love looking at this when I am at the computer… 🙂

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2 Responses to Photo wall

  1. April says:

    Hahaha… i had to laugh at the glue dots thing! I would wind up ripping off paint, base, sheet rock, you name it! And then I’d NEVER get those puppies straight WITHOUT it! How DO people REALLY get photos straight?! It looks FANTASTIC!

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