I have never been one that has a manicure. It seems like the second I am done painting my nails, something either messes it up shortly after, or it chips like the next day! Frustrating! I can’t remember the last time I painted my nails… I just remember I had to take it all off a day or two later. Blah. My friend Sarah suggested I try Jamberry! I had no idea what it was at first, but it seems like lately now I have been seeing it everywhere! I told her I would try it, but I couldn’t imagine what the end result would be, considering my past experiences with painting my nails.. Interesting facts about Jamberry I loved the sound of it all! I tried a magenta polka dot.. I know the color isn’t the greatest in this pic, but I was in the bathroom getting ready to do them when I took the pic… jamberry magenta polka All I needed were a few things that most females have. I got all that plus some out because I didn’t know for sure what all I would need…ha! jamberry suppliesSo…I wasn’t sure exactly what to do first…the directions on the back of the package looked easy enough! Number one said to push back cuticles and clean nails. Ok, that was definitely easy! Well, kind of…my cuticles haven’t been taken care of the last few years… But I did the best I could with what I had… Next it said to match the nail to the nail wrap that best fits. My friend told me that it is easier to go a little smaller than bigger, so you don’t have to do any trimming. I followed those directions and I have to agree with her. hehe… You are supposed to then peel off the nail wrap and warm it with a blow-dryer for a few seconds until soft. I cut mine in half before I did that. I don’t have very long fingernails, so it made sense not to use one whole wrap for one nail! I picked up the half of the wrap with the orange stick and held it to the blow-dryer and sure enough it got all flappy to where I knew it was ready to apply! (Do NOT touch the sticky part that goes on your nail…it just won’t work out…ha!) Then it says to press it onto your nail. I did that all the while pressing it down and out to cover the whole nail. It suggests to use the rubber cuticle pusher to seal the wrap around the base of the cuticle. Next it mentions to trim the top with scissors and file off the remaining wrap and then just apply a little more heat and pressure to make sure it is bonded to the nail. I did as it suggested, but I also ended up using the clippers to trim as it was just easier for me and I liked the look of them better with a shorter nail. Done!! jamberry valentine's dayI did mine on Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be perfect with the colors.. 🙂 Hence the love card and all…hehehe. So…my thoughts?? I was very surprised with how long they lasted!!  Dealing with the goats and chickens and cats and dogs…not to mention cleaning and kids and all of that…it was ten or eleven days  before I felt like I should take them off! And that was only because two of the fingers had a run in with a portable heater that I was moving and got lifted off. I didn’t have any more wraps of that size so I thought it would be silly to have those two fingers gone. I am sure I would have gotten a little more time out of them if that hadn’t happened.. I had even had an incident with a cheese grater two days after putting them on and they looked just fine!! I was impressed! There was a definite learning curve for my non-dominate hand. I am right handed and my left hand looked a LOT better than my right…haha! I imagine my next go around would be much smoother! I would also like to get my cuticles taken care of before I try them again. It would just be easier. But really, once I figured out that first nail, the rest were very easy! And faster than I thought! I can see why people would be addicted to them, there are so many options! You could do holiday colors…sports colors…outfit colors… The list goes on and on! I just now put some on my big toe and added polish to the other toes. I had some larger sized wraps leftover on the sheet, so I figured it would be fun, since the weather is going to be nice for a few days! It will be interesting to see how long the wraps last compared to the polish.. My friend Sarah is so excited about them she signed on to be a consultant! She agreed to give one of you lovely people reading this a $15 gift certificate to her Jamberry Store!! Come on, you HAVE to try these!!  Go check out the selection and see what I mean!! It is very easy to enter, just do a few things and boom, done!! You get more points the more you do, which ups your chances to win! Exciting, I know!! I would enter if I could…I have a definite selection already in mind to get next time!


jamberry party info   I was given a sheet of Jamberry wraps to try out for an honest review on my blog. This in no way alters my review as I gave my honest opinion.. 🙂

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5 Responses to Jamberry!

  1. April says:

    My friend just posted about these — I have NEVER heard of them EVER! They look really neat! I, too, was concerned about an application learning curve. I never EVER have my nails painted… not even clear. Same reason as you. Not worth it! They’re pretty though!

  2. Cindy Loo says:

    I love the Metallic Chrome in Gold and Silver, and the Block-tical Illusion.

  3. aquariann says:

    There’s so many fun designs! Perhaps Silver Floral on Magenta, Adam’s Favorite and City Lights.

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