My little life (for the moment) story

My little life (for the moment) story.

A few months ago we had a very cold day. Freezing. Warnings going on that if you were dumb enough to be outside without protection, frost bite may be a new part of life… I happened to wake up early that morning, and I guess Jeffy had left for work earlier than normal too. I sent him a text telling him about the weather…why did I do that, he had already been out in it. Whatever… He proceeded to text me back saying his truck had stopped working a little over five miles down the road. He had been out there in it with no gloves or anything trying to fix it. Ugh. So I volunteered to meet him and figure it out.


Jen cold

Well, like I said, this has been a few months now….and his truck still does not work. We have been a one vehicle family this whole time. There are days that we have orthodontist appointments or meetings that I have to attend though, so I have to wake at the butt crack of dawn to drive with Jeffy to work and drive back home again so I can have the vehicle for the day. Of course I pick him up at the end of the day as well. 😉 We can only do that so many times with gas prices and all that nasty…plus, I just don’t like waking up that early to get up and go. :ahem:

It was ok for a while…you know, we had snow and more snow…and ice…and more ice.. Who wants to drive in that, anyway?

But it’s been so long now. We all have a serious case of cabin fever. I feel like Groundhog Day, where the day keeps repeating over and over. We pretty much have the same day five days a week.

Jen un-bored cupcake

There aren’t any friends that live close by. I could try inviting people over, but I hardly know anyone that would want to come over and it is so muddy anymore, any kids would be stuck inside. 😛

The kids have been playing the xbox and their ipods to death once school is over. I fully support it, because what do I do? I go on Facebook and Pinterest.  (How many new profile pics can I add to Facebook, eh?) When I am done with that, I read the backlog of blogs that are in my Bloglovin’ feed. I never run out of things to do online…but…it.all.starts.sounding.the.exact.same.

Things are getting kinda wacky in these here parts. Would you like to meet my new friend?

Jen's new friend:sigh:

There is hope in sight, but I am not holding my breath.

Y’all don’t even realize how much I look forward to the weekends, when I know we will at least get out of the house to go to church.

These four walls are starting to close in.

Help??? 😛

Jen bored to deathWhy, when people pretend they have died, do they stick out their tongue? It’s something that you do when you are a kid…I don’t get it. But here…I did it. Whatever. lol

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2 Responses to My little life (for the moment) story

  1. Carol says:

    Omg you poor thing… We were down to one car last winter and it was the worst. I wish you weren’t so far away – I’d drag you out to take pics and cruise the hobby lobby with me xo

    • Jennifer says:

      If I ever get to the north, I will definitely have to take you up on that offer. Hobby Lobby is a FAVE of mine! And well, you are pretty cool too…we could listen to Taylor Swift. Heheh. 😀

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