Thursday Things

Long time, no see!! I have been sat at my computer working on photos and yearbooks and more photos… If I am not doing school, I am here on the computer…

I thought I would do a quick Thursday Things since it has been a while!

1. I have been craving strawberries like crazy lately! Our local strawberry patch is opening later than normal because of the wacky weather we had…but these are a great thing to snack on! I grab a handful and it takes my craving away! I had to laugh at the serving size as being the whole bag! I couldn’t imagine!! 😀 Someone mentioned to me to try the pineapple, I will definitely be looking for that next time!

2. Yes, another Trader Joe’s product.. I can’t help it!! I was so excited to find this and add it to my morning shake. So yummy!! I used to add flax all the time, but I couldn’t resist the added blueberries!!

3. FOUR DAY WEEKEND, YO!! Ok, it hasn’t happened yet, but it officially started today, so….we are going to enjoy it! Well, I am going to be working on photos and such, and Jeffy and the kids are going to be building a structure to put the ducks in….but still.. 😉

ham sliders

4. These ham sliders. OH my goodness. I had thought to make some sliders with the leftover ham anyway, but I looked online to see if anyone had anything special for a recipe. I found one and kind of used the ingredients suggested and brushed it on top. AMAZING!! I will definitely make these again with any leftover ham we have. 🙂 I mixed some honey mustard, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce and some melted butter, brushed it on top of each roll and stuck it in the toaster over for ten minutes or so.


This song has seemed to keep popping up lately, it’s been in my head because of it…  Who doesn’t want to be ok anyway, right?


Let me know what you have enjoyed about this last week, or if you have any favorites from Trader Joe’s! 🙂


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