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The Power in Your Hands

The search for the ‘perfect’ curriculum seems never ending sometimes.. I think I have math taken care of, science and language arts.. But writing? Goodness. I have tried so many things! There are books that I have gotten recently that … Continue reading

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Vain Pursuits

I have wacky skin. Yes. I do. You may too… My pores are huge, I have oily skin with dry patches and my skin is very sensitive. With all of that, skin care is just, well…a nightmare. I hear about … Continue reading

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Two years ago…

I am loving the Timehop app. Yes, I know it is kind of annoying seeing all of the repeat posts on facebook, but come on, it is kinda awesome knowing what was going on last year, two years ago or … Continue reading

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What I read in May

Yes… I am so far behind on blogging. There are so many things that I wanted to do on here this month, but alas, time got away from me! In a serious way! My mom and brother came to visit … Continue reading

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