Two years ago…

I am loving the Timehop app. Yes, I know it is kind of annoying seeing all of the repeat posts on facebook, but come on, it is kinda awesome knowing what was going on last year, two years ago or even six years ago!

Yesterday it reminded me that we were all packed up to start our move to NC that evening two years ago. In some ways it feels like it was yesterday, and other ways it feels like we have been here for a long time.

It is nice getting to places without the gps always being on, but we still use it like crazy..

The seasons have been so wonderful! When we first arrived here there were notices about breaking heat records, hot hot hot… We didn’t think it was all that bad, sure it was humid, but hot? Not really.. 😉  Then, this past winter we had a huge ice storm. I mean, it was like walking through a war zone.. Well, you get my point. If that was year one and year two, I can’t imagine what year three is going to bring, weather wise!

I miss my friends like crazy. I miss my neighbor! You know when someone just gets you immediately after meeting them? Yeah, that’s her. Gah.. Everyone here lives so far away from me and honestly, I don’t think anyone gets me…lol.

We are surrounded by birds. I dunno, but I think we have close to 80. We stop counting once it gets up there because we really don’t want to know. We do have to get rid of a lot of our smaller chickens as there are a lot of roosters and that just won’t be pretty in the end.

Like last year, I thought it would be fun to take a pic of us in the same position that we were in the pic of us getting ready to leave AZ. It is cool to see how much everyone has grown or changed.. This was the middle of the day with the sun overhead, sooo not flattering for anyone, but I knew there was supposed to be rain later in the day and that would be even less flattering…so, here ya go.. 🙂

Two years ago…AZ to NC in the RVLast year…

One year in NCAnd this years pic..
Two years in NCLooks like we need to step it up on the grass color but it was just mowed, so… 😉
But yeah, looks like it was the year of inches gained..pretty soon everyone is going to be taller than me. lol.

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  1. Jen, you’re shrinking!!

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