Thursday Things

So, today is a special Thursday Things.. It’s Ryan’s birthday and he is turning 15!

Of course, it was pretty uneventful…hopefully this weekend will be more celebratory!

It is getting late, so I wanted to make sure and get this posted.. See, life is hectic right now and I am really trying to post more, lol.

So, here are this weeks Thursday Things..

Ryan babyThis is Ryan when he was a baby. I total remember taking this pic. He was right by the fish tank stand.. Check it out, film camera, lol. This is just a scan.

This Trek Mix from Costco is sooo yummy. 🙂 I love everything in it! You know sometimes there are trail mixes out there and you pick things out and leave other things? This one, I eat everything.. Yum yum!

EOS Shave Cream. I love their lip products and now I love their shave cream. This is an actual cream, not a gel or anything else. It is thick! And this vanilla flavor??  Smells soo good.. I won’t go back to gel again!

airplaneI can’t say much about this yet…but I am loving it this week. 🙂


This song. I know it has been everywhere lately. But I do love it. 🙂

What are things that you have enjoyed about this week? I love hearing good news…

Have a great rest of the week!! 🙂


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2 Responses to Thursday Things

  1. mom says:

    can’t wait!

  2. Laura D says:

    I saw that video and loved it. And that picture of Ryan? Big lump in my throat. How has it been FIFTEEN YEARS? Speaking of time flying, the 25th is baby boy’s 1st birthday and I’m doing lots of party planning. Friday is also the last day of summer school here, so I’m preparing myself mentally for the month of August. It will be nice to sleep in, but I have to find some structured activities for the kids, especially C, to do so I don’t take up permanent residence in Crazy Town.

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