Eighteen years!

Eighteen years!

Eighteen years ago today happened to be a Wednesday. Eighteen years ago today I married Jeffy. Who gets married on a Wednesday, right?

We were engaged on July 8th and married on the 24th. Yes, we got all sorts of comments about that. But like in the story I told here, we met when I was 15, so it wasn’t like we just started dating or something…

We got married at my mom’s house with just a handful of people present. We lived next door to a church..so, that was pretty convenient. 😉 I feel bad that more people couldn’t be there since we changed the date at the last minute. Neither one of us like being the center of attention though, and our wedding, as unassuming as it was, was still a special day.

It has been quite the ride the last eighteen years…we’ve had ups and downs and a lot of side to sides…but we have made it this far! Smile at the camera and go again!

A few years ago he went along with my idea to get photos together for our anniversary. If it is one thing he doesn’t like is getting his picture taken. Getting his picture taken on a busy street is even worse. But he did it for me…. I appreciate my friend Jen for every single image that she got of us…. Look, we are youngins!



If Jeffy can always do something, it is make me laugh. I think most people that know him will say the same thing about him.. 🙂

I googled what the customary gift was for the 18th year.. and well, it is feathers. Feathers? I guess I can go get him some from the yard. Guinea feathers are actually quite pretty. 🙂 The more modern choices were porcelain or cat’s eye jewelry. :shrug:

Our anniversary gift is something that we will be excited about every day. It’s kind of large and it took a bunch of people to get it ready for our special day…

What is it you ask? It is a brand new air conditioner and a bunch of new duct work. Romantic, eh? 😉 But really, this is so exciting because ever since we moved into this house the ac has not worked. We had to buy window units for each room upstairs and one for downstairs. Seriously, no air flow upstairs at all. Summer was miserable but winter was brutal.

I told him we need to make a plan to do something for our 20th..so that is next on our list. I have plenty of ideas, but not sure it will be feasible..

Do you have any wonderful ideas to celebrate 20 years of marriage? 🙂 What are some things that you have done? Inquiring minds want to know!

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  1. Amy Bradsher says:

    I would totally take A/C, too. 😉

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