Thursday Things

Getting back on the horse again! Of course when I go out of town next week, I probably can’t update much, but this is a start! 😀

I figure it has been a while since I did a Thursday Things so here we go!

Deodorant… No, not talking about using it in the normal sense.. But I did a bunch of photos recently and traipsing through areas that had who knows what, I got bit a lot on my legs. The itching is so awful… Put some deodorant on the bites and the itching goes away. Ahh..

It’s PUMPKIN season at Trader Joe’s!! You don’t even want to know what was in my cart on my last trip…I am almost embarrassed. Don’t think I bought an actual pumpkin that trip… But seriously, I love this time of year!  Even moreso living in a place that actually has a fall season..

My new camera… I finally reallly got to play with it recently, taking yearbook photos for the homeschool group. I am loving it. My poor old camera was trying, but it was just too old and tired… I had my eye on the MarkIII, but realized it wasn’t necessary…and this does the job I want it to! I can’t wait to play with it more! Sad I didn’t order sooner when it had the rebate on the camera..but at least there was a rebate on the lens I bought with it! 😀

This board game. Oh my word. I am so glad I bought this! It is a board game that you have to work together to win…and not compete against each other. That works out great for one particular child of mine who does not like competing at all. The first time we played the game we won….but then we realized that we played it wrong. So, we haven’t won yet although last week we were SOOOOO close, but happened to draw the one card that ruined it for us. Figures. Maybe we will try again this weekend. 😉

This song. I just love it. I want to get the album… I don’t even know what I can say about it. Just listen to it. 🙂

What did you like about this last week? 🙂 I love focusing on the positives because when you start thinking about it, there really are a lot…


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One Response to Thursday Things

  1. Audrey says:

    Who knew about the deodorant thing? So cool! I hate competition so I feel like that board game could be awesome for me, haha!

    So happy to see you’re back blogging!

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