Thursday Things

This week went fast for me, did it for you? Sheesh… I guess with Jeffy gone for half of it, my hours all just kinda meshed and half the time I didn’t know what time it was, let alone what day…

So, here are this weeks Thursday Things. What did you like about this last week? 🙂

These little pomegranate & nectarine candies from Torie & Howard are so yummy!! And the ingredient list is awesome, for hard candy anyway. 😉 Organic sugar, organic rice syrup, non-gmo citric acid, natural flavors and they are colored with red cabbage, purple carrots, organic black carrot, organic blackcurrant and organic apple. Pretty nice…and the packaging is pretty too…

Next is this toothpaste from Nature’s Gate. My friend told me to try it and I finally found some at our local co-op store. I love it! I had previously been using Tom’s, but even comparing the different ingredient lists made me happy to change! Thanks Angela! 😀

rain at nightI got to pick Jeffy up from the airport this week..yay! I hate when he is gone! But I am happy that the rain held off until he was driving. 😉 It was bad enough that I almost got rear ended on the freeway on the way to the airport…ack.. But yeah, happy that is all good…

Honey Balsamic ChickenWhile Jeffy was gone I realized I had to use up some chicken tenders.. Usually we bread them and have baked chicken, but I just didn’t want that….or the work that goes with it. 😉 So, I looked on Pinterest, because isn’t that what everyone does anymore…and found this recipe. I had all of the ingredients and it was really easy! Honey Balsamic Chicken is the recipe I used. Photo credit goes to them as well, as it was way too dark for any sort of photo…you know, since it gets dark at 4pm and all now… But the boys loved it and want to have it again, this time with rice. I had cooked pasta with it the first time and I agree, I think rice would be better… Yay, another meal item!! 😀

Suitcases by Dara Maclean has been seeing a lot of playtime lately.. I love it! Have you heard this song? It has such a great message. Give it a listen! 🙂

Ok, those are my Thursday Things for this week! Let me know what you have enjoyed about this past week!

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